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Writing A Retirement Speech


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Thus, if you are speaking to honor someone else, use the beginning of the speech to introduce yourself and explain how you came to have the honor of paying tribute to the retiree. Complete the introduction by talking about the impending departure.

To do this, you can express a sense of loss mingled with hope for the future; capture the importance of the occasion by mentioning how many years have been put in; touch on some major accomplishment of the retiree; or focus on the relationship of the retiree to the rest of the organization, assuming, of course, that the relationships are good ones.

* After the introduction comes a section expressing thanks and gratefulness. The retiree should thank everyone in general and show appreciation for all the things that the company or working for the company provided.
Writing A Retirement Speech
Retirement speeches serve as a goodbye and so are forms of farewell speeches. They are given either by the retiree or by someone chosen to pay tribute to him or her, usually at a gathering assembled in the retiree's honor.

Writing a retirement speech may seem like a daunting task. Where do you start when covering an entire career? Luckily, there are certain components such speeches should contain. All farewell speeches should give thanks, show appreciation for the time spent at the company and then wish others a bright future.

Pointers for Writing a Retirement Speech

* When writing a retirement speech, think introduction, body and conclusion. It might seem as if an introduction isn't needed, but it does allow the speaker to provide a sense of the farewell's importance. Also, not everyone may know the speaker if he or she is not the retiree.
Possible mentions include professional development, travel, worthwhile relationships and an environment encouraging personal growth. While expressing appreciation, thanking people who were particularly important in the work life of the retiree is appropriate.

* If you are writing a retirement speech that honors a retiree, use the section after the introduction to thank the retiree for his or her years of service, and give general reasons he or she was valued and will be missed. Possible reasons include the retiree's willingness to mentor younger employees, dependability, work ethic and inspirational leadership. You are speaking on behalf of everyone who knew and worked with the retiree, so be sure than the qualities you choose to highlight are those generally agreed upon by everyone.

* Since the speech marks a transition into a new chapter of the retiree's life, covering specific highlights, events or characteristics of the retiree's career allows the past to be put in perspective and can add to a sense of the speech's importance. This "highlight reel" shouldn't be exhaustive.

Choose important items that the retiree played an crucial role in. Funny or touching anecdotes can be employed to give the speech a human touch. When writing the retirement speech, solicit anecdotes from several other coworkers.

* End the speech by expressing hope in the retiree's future or, if you are a speaking retiree, hope for the organization you're leaving and the success of your peers. If someone has been appointed to replace the retiree, that person should receive well wishes in taking on the challenges that come with the job.

Once you are finished writing a retirement speech, look it over to make sure it is a positive and constructive effort, made so be including the required thank youÂ’s, appreciation and forward-looking well wishes. A successful speech will give the sense that people have been valued. Doing this allows for a clean and peaceful goodbye.

See this sample retirement speech for a look at the above pointers in action.