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Unique Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Unique Speech Topics

Writing on Unique Speech Topics

What's nice about writing speeches that revolve around unique speech topics, is that you're already at an advantange since your subject matter alone is likely to get people interested. 

Imagine reading through a program of public speakers, and next to one of them you see "Mummification" or "Earliest Fairy tales" - it's bound to get most audience members curious, long before you've even opened your mouth.
Looking to talk about something wholly different and interesting? Want to be the one and only speaker in the room with a uncommon and fascinating topic?  Then this list of unique speech topics will give you a great headstart in selecting an idea that will wow the audience.
Shadow to the Impressionists
Turbulence in "Starry Night"
Venus of Willendorf
Making a Watercolor Wash
Fugue During the Baroque
Music in Mozart's Childhood
Color in "Jurassic Park"
The Hero's Journey
Golden Age of Hollywood
Sections of an Orchestra
How to Make Drums
How Double Reeds Work
Early Movie Theaters
How Flowers Attract Pollinators
Androgynous Plants
How Ferns Reproduce
Succession in an Ecosystem
Stages of a Forest
How to Press Flowers
How to Dry Flowers
Types of Leaves
The Periodic Table's History
The pH Scale
Types of Rocks
Fractal Art
Weights and Measures
The Quakers
Hammurabi's Code
Creation Myths
The Rosetta Stone
The Philosopher's Stone
The Black Plague
Art Restoration
The Clay Solders
Genghis Kahn's Childhood
The Mongol Empire
Earliest Fairy Tales
Gothic European Churches
Beginnings of Animation
Christmas With the Puritans
Scandinavian Christmas
Three King's Day
The Water Cycle
The States of Matter
How to Split Light
How Rockets Lift Off
Newton's Third Law
The Physics of Pool
Causes of Tsunamis
Types of Volcanos
Volcanic Eruptions
The Ring of Fire
How a Seismograph Works
The Kuiper Belt
The Tunguska Event
Chicxulub Crater
The Moon's Formation
Carbon Versus Diamond
The Formation of Crystals
Greek Gods
Roman Roads
Viking Seafaring
Bernoulli's Principle
Laika in Space
Henry the Navigator
Circumnavigation by Magellan
How Bar Codes Work
Organizational Structures
Early Management Theory
Complimentary Colors
Analogous Colors
The Rule of Thirds
The Romantic Languages
How Language Evolves
The Art of Illusion
Bird Migration
Migration of Monarch Butterflies
Biggest Land Animals
Biggest Marine Animals
Vampire Bats
The Coqui
The Five Senses
Dress During the Renaissance
The Palace of Versaille
The Seven Wonders
Modern Seven Wonders
How Coins Are Minted
The Gold Standard
Geodesic Domes

Speeches can often be boring and bland, especially when the subject matter has been rehashed a million times over by different speakers.  Think about, for example, topics like "The Death Penalty" or "Gun Control"...  Chances are that every point or nuance with some of these, have been explored already. 

Now of course, topics like those still have their place (see the controversial speech topics section for more), but let's take a moment to focus on the different and unique.  Let's have a look at some speech topics that you likely haven't encountered before...
Since most of these topics are very specific and detailed, chances are that a large part of your audience won't know too much about it (unless you're speaking at a MENSA event!), which means you'll have to do a lot of explaining and teaching on the topic before you go into too many specifics.

Finally, when writing on unique speech topics, be sure to follow all the advice and tips on the How To Write a Speech section of this site.

List of Unique Speech Topics

Here's a list of 100 Unique Speech Topics.  Many of them might be about something you know very little about (or have never head of!).  That's why they're unique afterall!  Run them through Wikipedia or the dictionary if you need more clarity...