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Topics for Informative Speeches


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The main purpose behind an informative speech is of course, to inform!  This means that these kinds of speeches rely on information and factual data to convey meaning, and get people thinking. 

It's thus necessary to be able to do good research when you're writing or presenting an informative speech, to ensure that you can back your ideas up with some credible sources (see the page on credibility, or ethos, for more on this).

How to do research (for dummies)

Here's a simple breakdown of the sources you can use for reading on, or doing research on any of the topics outlined below (or any topic for that matter!).  You can use...

(1) Books.  Good books rank first for research.  But long gone are the days when you have to spend a day at the library and file through catalogues, looking for titles that match your topic.  Using a amazingly convenient tool like Google Books you can search millions of book titles, and even book content (limited) for information on your topic!

(2) Journals, especially academic journals can be an absolute bore and drag to read through (unless you're an academic, in which case you'll love it!), but when it comes to credibility, they rank as high as it gets.  Visit a journal site like jstor.org and do a search for journals on your topic.

(3) Experience.  If you've done it, talk about it!  Personal experience is a credible (and first-hand or primary) source for information, and besides, the audience will love listening to your personal stories!

(4) Other credible speakers. A site like TED.com has hundreds of 20 minute speeches on any given topic, given by experts from around the globe.  Visit their site and search for your topic - and if you find a speech, listen to it for ideas and information!

(5) Internet Sites - I list this one last since they're usually the least credible (but still a favourite among high-schoolers!).  For any kind of academic writing or serious public speaking, avoid websites like Wikipedia, as they're NOT always considered credible by professionals!

Now, on to some topics...

List of 50 Topics for Informative Speeches

The topics for informative speeches below, will give you a good starting point for coming up with a informative and thought-provoking speech.  This list makes out one part of a four part series on informative topics; see part one, two and four for more ideas.
If you're looking for topics for informative speeches, you've come to the right place.  This page contains a nice list of informative and thought-provoking topics that you'll be able to use for speeches, essays or debates.
Food (10)
What is Industrial Farming
America Vs Europe’s Poultry Industries
Transportation Costs of Food
Eating Locally when Nothing Grows in Your Area
Preserving Food At Home
Whole Foods Vs Pre-Packaged Foods
Cities Ordinances for Urban Chickens
Are All Foods Genetically Modified
Do Feedlots Contribute to Global Warming
How to Cook Whole Foods

Children (10)
Games for Brain Development in Infants
10 Summer Boredom Busters
10 Activities for Family Bonding
Teaching Children to Cook
5 Ways to Eat More Veggies
Non-electronic Activities for Kids
Pioneer Activities for Kids
Importance of Imaginative Play
Teaching Compassion by Donating Toys
Experience an Electronics-Free Day

Travel (11)
Best Ways to Travel with Pets
5 Ways to Beat Jet Lag
Expand Your Mind with Travel
Travel Alternatives to Tour Groups
Benefits of Travel for Kids
Volunteering While Traveling
Best Medicines to Bring when Traveling
Best Luggage-type for Travel
Keeping Documents Safe
Home Exchanges for Travelers
Motel Alternatives

Chemicals (10)
Cleaning without Chemicals
Making Homemade Cosmetics
A Plastics Free Day
Plastics are Everywhere
Detecting Chemicals in Your Home
Shelf-Life of Prescription Medicines
Some Chemicals Are Beneficial
Chemical Free Gardening
5 Best Natural Products to keep in Your Home
Fighting Bugs Naturally

Sports (10)
Universality of Soccer
Environmental Costs of Professional Sports
Economics of a Home Game
Financial Costs of Childhood Athletics
Rise of Brain Injuries in Sports
Ancient Sports Played Today
Financial Condition of ProAthletes after Retirement
The Para Olympics
Physically Impaired People to Climb Everest
5 Very Unique Sports