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Tips On Public Speaking -
Being Meek About it


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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So the main idea is simple:  If you're scheduled to talk for 30 minutes, finish at 25 minutes (or 27 if you're a stunning presenter).  And by finish I mean you say your last word and step off the platform.  Finish in this context does not carry the usually connotative meaning of 'starting to finish' but you're actually still droning on for another 10 minutes and then realize that the time has just flown right by...

For some reason, most public speakers usually take themselves and their topics so seriously that they feel compelled to share 'just one more thing' and end up shooting themselves in the foot.  The audience will remember the 3 things you shared in 25 minutes, better than the 7 you shared in 35 minutes.

So more is less here and finishing means finishing.  Simply stop in the sense that you close your mouth (with your hand if necessary), and run off stage before your brain convinces you that the audience NEEDS to hear this 'one more thing'.
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One of the greatest public speakers of all time, a man who could captivate large audiences in unconventional settings without PA equipment, once said the following:

"Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the earth."
Tips On Public Speaking Time
Now I'll gladly point you to Matthew 5:5, where you can find this in Scripture, but that might not help you as much since you might not know exactly what 'meekness' is.

It's an older English/Religious word that many people confuse with weakness, though there's a world of difference.

Weakness means I don't have power.

Meekness means I choose not to use all my power.

So how does this relate to public speaking?  Good question and the answer is even better...

Use your time sparingly.

Don't feel compelled to use every second of every minute of the time you've been allotted to give your speech.  This is one of those tips on public speaking that you should never forget...

It's almost ALWAYS a good idea to stop early.  And by early I don't mean you should cut your time in half, that would be silly, bordering on irresponsible.

A 'meek' public speaker will leave breathing room for the audience by finishing a few minutes ahead of time and allowing everyone to leave the auditorium early.  At big conference halls, with many speakers and hordes of traffic, you'll earn scores of gratitude. 

By being a 'meek' speaker and choosing not to use all your power (your minutes), you might just end up being marked as the favorite speaker of the day.

Tips On Public Speaking - The Secret Weapon of Stopping Early
Most audience members want to leave a talk early, but that when those same people get hold of the microphone, they have the tendency to drone on for hours without realizing that everyone got fed up at least 20 minutes ago.

So be meek when it comes to time.  Among the list of tips for public speaking, this one should take priority:  You might not only end up inheriting the earth, but you'll also likely be invited to speak again!