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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Then deliver your speech, into the lens, all by yourself, with only the camera to laugh at your bloopers.

Reviewing that recording will probably teach you more about your shortcomings and flaws as a speaker, than many tips from many friends and outsiders.  Most people instinctively know what a good speech sounds like and when someone is a good, okay or great speaker.

The problem is that when speaking, itÂ’s real hard to step outside yourself for a minute and objectively judge whether you are presently doing terrible or magnificent.

Tips For Public Speaking - Get Out That Camcorder...

Enter technology:  Seeing a pre-recorded version of your presentation is going to show you which areas you still need work it.  Those small and seemingly insignificant little traits (like fidgeting with your hair or using constant filler sounds like uum and aah), might go by unnoticed, and in fact for many speakers they do, for years. 

Until you see yourself on video at which time they'll become so obvious that you'll wonder why no-one ever bothered to bring them to your attention.

Now I'll admit that seeing yourself present and to smaller extent, hearing your recorded messages, can be uncomfortable.  Most of us don't like the sound of our voices or the way that we come across to the audience, but there's better way to improve in these areas that to watch yourself speak.

Confronted with your own presentation, you're likely to immediately recognize areas for improvement and ways that you can further sharpen your stage personality.

Watching your own recording is also a great way of judging the content of your messages.  When we write and deliver our own speeches we become so caught it with its meaning, and certain things phrases or segments are so clear to us, that we think everyone perceives it this way.

But seeing your own talk from the perspective of an audience member will give you an entirely different take on things, and hopefully lift out some parts of your speech that can be better.

This idea ties in with practicing your speech in private, before an actual delivery.  In fact combining the two, practicing and recording yourself would be even better and is a sure-fire way to ensure you have confidence when finally presenting your talk.

Because hey, the audience is expectant, but you've already seen it!  So follow these public speaking tips for getting better... quicker.
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Some tips for public speaking are just so easy to implement and so practical, that it's a shame more speakers don't use them.
Tips for Public Speaking
Because certain tips, like this one, has the inevitable effect of making you a better speaker.  I'll be bold enough to say that with an open mind, there's no way your speaking won't improve if you follow this piece of advice:

Watch a recording of your own speech.

Did you get it?  And no I don't necessarily mean watch some official recording done by some official cameraman at some official event where you already spoke at (though that's great too). 
By that time, your talk will be finished and any mistakes that you could've prevented would have already been made.

No I'm talking about getting hold of a handheld camcorder, setting it on your dresser (or a tripod if you're fancy) in a private setting somewhere, like your dining room when no-one else is around, and pressing that red button that says record...