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Speech Topics for Kids


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Speech Topics for Kids
1. Brother Makes Funny Noises
2. My American Girl Doll
3. City My Grandparents Live In
4. Go to DisneyLand
5. Grandfather/mother Grew Up On A Farm
6. Grandfather Fought In Vietnam
7. I Should Not do Chores
8. Sister Has Diabetes (disease/condition)
9. My Bedroom
10. Love Legos
11. My Town
12. Babysitting
13. Making Macaroni and Cheese
14. Playground/Home Safety
15. Scrapbooking
16. Helping Around the House
17. Favorite Holiday
18. I’d Like to Visit . . . (in the world)
19. Favorite Candy
20. When I’m Big Enough I’ll . . . .
21. Collections
22. I’m Happy When . . .
23. Favorite Season
24. Instead of a Human I’d Be A . . .
25. Rules I’d Change

26.Why My Dog Barks
27. Why My Cat Meows
28. Why My Gerbil/Hamster Runs in its Wheel
29. How I Care For My Pet
30. If I Had a Pet Dinosaur
31. How To Train a Pet Dinosaur
32. If I Ran the Circus/Zoo

33. Rabbits Eat in Winter
34. Duck’s Feet Don’t Freeze
35. Snowflake (formation)
36. Types of Clouds
37. Predicting Weather from Clouds
38. Drawings from Plants (using leaves, etc,)
39. Grow Sprouts for Lunch
40. Why Corn Pops
41. Make a Grass Whistle
42. Bird Beaks Match What It Eats
43. Penguins Are Cool
44. Sea Turtles
45. Poison Dart Frogs
46. Why A Fire Burns
47. Endangered Species Near Me
48. Growing a Pizza (garden)
49. Salamanders
50. Living on the Moon/Mars
51. Aliens – Fact or Fiction
52. Build a Rocket
53. Man Eating Plants/ Animals
54. Hibernation
55. Dinosaurs – (what type would you be?)
56. Favorite Animal
57. Fireworks
58. Cooking – rising bread dough
59. Medicines from Plants
60. Wilderness Survival

61. Pirate/Knight/Viking School (what you would
62. Inventors – Galileo, Edison, etc.
63. Finding Buried Treasure
64. Ancient Navigation
65. Ancient Cosmetics
66. Ancient Healing Methods
67. Sailing Ships
68. Talk Like a Pirate

69. Difference between Football and Football
(English vs American)
70. Proper Sports Footwear
71. Olympic Athletes From My State
72. Tim Tebow Biography
73. Rugby vs Football
74. Origins of Lacrosse
75. Favorite Sport
76. Hiking/Camping/Hunting Safety
77. I Want to be a Professional Athlete
78. Olympics – new sports
79. Martial Arts
80. Weird Sports Equipment

81. I Like My Ipad
82. I Like My Ipod
83. Favorite Video Game
84. I Need a Cell Phone
85. Ipod/Ipad Helps In School
86. Steve Jobs Biography
87. Early Computers
88. Computers Run My House
89. Robots
90. If Robots Ran Everything

91. Favorite Harry Potter Character/Animal
92. Favorite Marvel Comics Character

93. 4 Wheelers
94. Race Cars
95. Why Kids Should Drive
96. Types of Bicycles

97. Teacher/Principal for a Day
98. I’m the School Cook
99. Perfect Playground Equipment
100. Secret Codes/Languages
When I was a student, I usually did NOT look forward to giving those compulsory oral assignments or tests - and you might feel the same, especially if you're not used to public speaking!  Well, the good news is that a great topic will give you a heng-of-a headstart towards passing with flying colors.

Writing on Speech Topics For Kids

If you're writing a speech that you'll have to deliver in class or at school, it's good to remember that you (1) you need to stick to the time schedule given by the teacher, (2) will score heaps of bonus points if you cite interesting facts, and (3) will make your talk enjoyable if you can use a joke or funny quote in your talk.

And practice!  Don't wait until you're standing in front of the class to give your speech for the first time!  Rehearse it by yourself (alone) - it's the most sure fire way to ensure your talk will be great!
Be sure to follow the advice and tips for speechwriting when choosing to compose your own speech around one of these topics.  Head over to the How To Write A Speech section of this site for a look at that.

List of Speech Topics For Kids

Speech Topics for Kids needs to be funny and informative, but not too complex and complicated.  Below you'll find a long list of 100 just such topics that fulfil these criteria.  They're also divided into a few categories to make them easier to go through.  Good luck!

Note:  Most of these speech topics for kids will work for nearly any type of oral assignment or speech given by children, but will be especially helpful to kids of elementary to middle school age.  If you're looking for something more geared towards older children, head over to the School Speech Topics section.
Got an oral assignment coming up?  Need some help in choosing a topic that will satisfy your teacher and hopefully get you some good grades in the process?  Then this page has everything you need, with tips and advice on writing and choosing speech topics for kids.