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School Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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School Speech Topics
Got a looming oral assignment?  Need a great topic for a speech that'll not only get you good grades, but not put your class (and teacher) to sleep?  Then I've got just what you need... below you'll find a large list of school speech topics that should do the trick.
Great speeches = good delivery + good content.  And while there are loads of ways to improve your delivery, good content starts with a good topic!  The good news is that I've done all the hard work for you, and compiled a big list of relevant, interesting and informing topics that should prove ideal for giving speeches in a school setting.

Writing on School Speech Topics

But first, a note on writing content using these school speech topics:  While a good topic will certainly give you a head start, you'll still need to spend some time in crafting enough 'meat' (i.e. informative ideas and facts) around the topic, to satisfy listeners.

The best kind of content includes elements that are...

(1) Informative and interesting:  Stay away for boring & everybody-knows-that cliches and the like.

(2) Thought provoking:  Get people thinking by approaching something from a new angle.

(3) Funny - Humour always works, so use it!
As with any of these topics, I recommend you follow the speechwriting advice in the How To Write A Speech section of this site.  The tips & techniques there are applicable to ANY kind of speech, so be sure to check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

List of 100 School Speech Topics

Most of these school speech topics will work for nearly any type of oral assignment or speech given by school students, but will be especially helpful to older students (middle to high school age).  If you're looking for topics for younger students, head over to the Speech Topics For Kids section.
1. Education in Asia vs USA
2. Why American Students Should Work Harder
3. Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student
4. Abolish the SAT/ACT
5. Personal Finance Classes Required for
6. School Athletics Be Abolished
7. Study Abroad Required for Graduation?
8. Schools Have a 4 Day Week?
9. Outlaw Soda Drinks in Schools
10. Benefits of Extra-curricular Activities
11. Repeal School Dress Codes
12. Closed/Open Campus
13. Allow Students to Drive to School
14. Metal Detectors Mandatory?
15. Teach Both Creationism and Evolution
16. Standardized Tests Good Measurement of
17. Life Skills Class Required for Graduation
18. Is College Over-Priced
19. Force Students into University/Vocational

World Stage
20. My Favorite Overseas Charity
21. Ways to Reduce Oil Consumption
22. Eliminating Poverty
23. Abolish the EuroZone?
24. Effects of a Nuclear Disaster on World
25. Climate Effects of Deforestation
26. Ways to Counter-act Deforestation
27. Global Warming – Relocate coastal people?
28. OK to Have Sweat Shops?
29. Allow All Countries to Have Nuclear Weapons?
30. Effects of Oil Embargo on World Markets
31. Is the Global Population a Problem

National Stage
32.Will We Need Libraries in the Future
33.Necessity of National Parks/Wilderness
34.Regulating the Internet
35.Privacy and the Internet
36.Should Online Piracy be Legal
37.American Concentrate on
National/International Politics
38. Legalize Same Sex Marriage?
39. Benefits of Military Service
40. Military Service Be Required?
41. Legalize Public Prayer
42. Abolish Daylight Savings Time?
43. Should America Be Bilingual
44. Abolish Private Transportation
45. Raise Driving Age?
46. Lower Drinking Age?
47. Require People to Lose Weight if Obese
48. Health Insurance – Mandatory?
49. Owning Firearms – Legal/Illegal
50. Allow Concealed Weapons Anywhere?
51. Totally close Mexican Border?
52. Require People to Reduce Energy
53. Is National Pride Good/Bad
54. Total Ban on Alcohol?
55. Have Printed Media in Future?
56. Can a Woman be President
57. Abolish 2 Party System?
58. Pay $9/gallon for gasoline
59. Is Military Service Still Honorable
60. Open Arctic for Oil Drilling

61. Changing Face of Social Interaction
62. Living Without a Cell Phone/Computer
63. I Am A World Traveler
64. My Life in 5 Years
65. If I Were Given $10,000
66. Books or Kindles
67. Movie/Book That Impacted Me
68. If I Had 6 Months to Live
69. My Ideal Career
70. My Senior Trip
71. Vegetarian vs Meat Diet
72. Good Job Interview Skills
73. Long-term Goals Not Related to Career
74. How I Want to Change World
75. 1 Think You’d Change About Yourself
76. Greatest Obstacle for this Generation
77. How Teen Parenthood Changes Lives
78. Myth of Nuclear Family
79. My Ideal Vacation
80. How Has Facebook Changed Life

81. Colonize Moon/Mars
82. Renewing the Endangered Species Act
83. Pro’s/Con’s of Wind Energy
84. Are Industrial Farms Good
85. Is Ethanol Worth the Cost
86. Sustainable Farming Practices
87. Benefits of Eating Locally
88. Future Face of Transportation
89. Can We Eradicate AIDS
90. Use Growth Hormones in Meat Products
91. Does Recycling Do Any Good
92. Global Warming – Fact/Fiction
92. Is EcoTourism Good
93. Anything Left to Discover?
94. Revitalize Space Program
95. What Is Celiac Disease (whatever)
96. How Cars Will Change in Future

97. Effects of Alcohol on Sports Performance
98. Legalize Steroid Use in Athletes?
99. Require Self Defense Classes for Girls
100. Overall Benefits of Weight Lifting