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Sample Welcome Speech

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Sample Welcome Speech
The full-length sample welcome speech below was written with an educational-institution in mind, but taken and adapted to suit your own needs and occasion.  Naturally, different occasions will require different kinds of welcomes, so you certainly need to 'customize' your speech to work for your event.  Be sure to read the notes below as well, to help with just that...
If you're looking for a sample welcome speech that has been carefully researched, meticulously written and even analyzed to give you the key highlights so that you can incorporate them into you own speech then... well what do ya' know, you seem to have found it!
Well, that’s understandable, but let me assure you that in a few days your schedules, the food and all the newness will be old hat.

The staff of Park College wants you to succeed. We’re here to assist with both your academics and any extra-curricular activities in which you’d like to participate. Additionally, our staff of counselors is available in case you just need someone to talk to or help you work through some issues. Don’t hesitate to seek out these professionals.

Academically, Park College has the best instructors. Our staff has an in-depth understanding of their subject matter and they’re highly qualified teachers. They realize students learn differently so they’re equipped and willing to teach to your strengths. We have several certified master teachers and more are earning their certification each year. Our instructors have weekly office hours where you can get help on assignments or just drop by to chat. In addition to loving their subjects, our teachers love students. Your success is their success. Get to know your teachers. Surprisingly enough they’re real people and they enjoy developing relationships with students.

Of course Park College has an excellent sports program. We field teams in all major athletic endeavors. If you want to participate in sports, we have a team for you. For those wishing to play at a little lower level of intensity, our intramural program is just the ticket. Intramurals bring together students from across campus, helping you meet people you might not have otherwise. Your next best friend might just be on your intramural team. Intramurals are fun and a great way to stay in shape.

Not everyone’s into athletics, though. Some of you have other talents such as music, journalism, drama or art. We have clubs for you too. Our music department, in conjunction with the drama department, puts on three major productions each year. You can sing, dance or act to your heart’s content or work backstage in costumes, lighting and sets. We need your creative abilities so make sure you investigate these opportunities.

Students proficient with the written word and graphic design can find a home with the school newspaper. This publication comes out three times a week so there isn’t time to be bored. The keyboards in those offices never cool off.

If none of the above isn’t your cup of tea and you’re fluent in computer-speak, then we will definitely find a spot for you. There are more computers on this campus than people. Consequently there are a corresponding number of chances to work your electronic magic in repairing those machines. We also have rolling upgrades in progress, so once again, there’s never a dull moment in the IT department.

We want you to be connected. We want you to succeed. Our mission is to educate the entire person – not just give you book knowledge. We are an experiential facility, which means we want you interacting with others and engaging in all there is for you to do. Park College has your growth and development at the heart of who we are. Our hope is that you’ll make a wise investment of your time while on our campus and leave here a more learned, well-rounded individual.

Sample Welcome Speech Notes

Note:  While this speech was written for an academic setting, most of the elements below will translate well into other kinds of welcome speeches.

(1) The Sample Welcome Speech identifies with the newcomers - "wide variety of emotions swirling around today".  Think back on the first day you entered a new school/college/workplace.  How did you feel?  Now how would you have liked it if you knew you weren’t the only one feeling confused and a little alone, and that others who’ve gone before you have experienced these same emotions.  When this identification is made in a welcome speech, its sets newcomers at ease and can be a powerful sign or gesture of a true welcome.

(2) The Sample Welcome Speech sets the newcomers at ease - "We want you to succeed... We’re here to assist".  After identifying with the newcomers, a great speaker will further identify with them by putting them at ease and ‘pledging allegiance’, as it were, to them.  For a newcomer, knowing that the person behind the microphone (and everything he/she represents) is fully supportive will be a great help.

(3) The Sample Welcomes Speech gives a good overview of the institution.  The speech above spends quite a few paragraphs giving a broad overview of the school and many of its most important facets.  Why is this included in a welcome speech?  Well, a welcome speech not only welcomes, but also introduces.  The welcome speech is the ideal time to give newcomers, who are unfamiliar with the inn’s and out’s of their new institution, a good overview of some of the essential facets thereof.

(4) The Sample Welcome Speech shares the institutions’ vision and ideals - "growth and development at the heart of who we are".  Similar to point 3 above, a welcome speech is a good place to share some vision and give newcomers a chance to start participating in that vision.

(5) The Speech creates expectancy of a bright future for the newcomer - "Our hope is that you’ll make a wise investment of your time while on our campus".  Part of vision sharing is getting people excited and a welcome speech is a good place for that.  Get newcomers expectant that their joint venture with your institution will be a good and positive one.
Sample Welcome Speech

I would like to welcome you, the incoming class here at Park College. I know there are a wide variety of emotions swirling around today. Many of you are excited, some are eager to prove yourselves and probably the vast majority of you are experiencing a high level of anxiety.