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Sample Speeches

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Sample Speeches are useful and helpful in a couple of ways:  Firstly they give you a great idea of what an occasion-specific speech should look like and what it should include/avoid.  Secondly, it gets your brain working by stimulating your thought-process and providing you with ideas/content for your own speech.

I usually recommend not simply taking any of these sample speeches and delivering them Verbatim (copy & paste style public speaking), by simply changing some of the names and details, but leaving everything else intact.

Ideally, these sample speeches should help you with writing your own speech!  But only a better one now since you now know what kind of content to focus on, and what to include/exclude in your speech.

That's why I've gone a step further by analyzing all of these sample speeches for you and including some brief notes after each one.  By reading these you'll gain valuable insight into the dynamics of your specific speech - it should simplify and streamline the process.

See the categories below and click on the links (the numbers next to the pictures) that apply to you.  Most of the categories contains more than one different sample speeches (on its own page), each providing a different angle or approach to the same kind of speech. 

I recommend looking at all of them in your category.  This will give you a broader overview and will be especially useful if you'll be writing your own speech.
Retirement Speeches
(1) Company Retirement Sample Speech
(2) General Retirement Sample Speech
(3) Funny Retirement Sample Speech
High School Graduation
(1) Genral High School Graduation Speech Sample
(2) Funny High School Graduation Speech Sample
College Graduation
(1) General Graduation Speech Sample
(2) Funny Graduation Speech Sample
Welcome Speeches
Academic Welcome Sample Speech
(2) Church Welcome Speech Sample
Persuasive Speeches
Topic: "Foreign Language Education"
(2) Topic: "Endangered Grizzly Bears"
Informative Speeches
(1) Topic: "Wolves in Yellowstone National Park"
(2) Topic: "Timber Frame Home Construction"
Persuasive Speech Example
High School Graduation Speech Examples
Informative Speech Sample
Sample Graduation Speeches
Retirement Speech Examples
Sample Welcome Speech

What about Wedding Speeches?

Since there's such a great demand for wedding speeches like best man/maid of honor/mother of the bride etc. speeches, I've devoted an entire subsection of Effective Public Speaking Tips to Wedding Speeches and everything related to that.  Visit the Wedding Speech section for more.

I need more help!

Then I gladly point you to other main sections of this site - and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for...

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A large selection of quality, individually researched and written sample speeches for half a dozen different occasions.  If you've got a speech coming up, you'd be smart not be miss these...
Example of Oration
Easter Speech
Example of Oration
Oratory is a formal kind of public speaking that's usually reserved for ceremonial occasions.  See this example for more.
Easter Speeches
Christians celebrate Easter yearly and the occasion is usually accompanied by some form of public speaking.