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Sample Persuasive Speech

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Sample Persuasive Speech
The full length sample persuasive speech below will give you a good idea of what a debate/argumentative talk should look like, and includes some of the key elements of rhetoric (see the Persuasive Speech Topics section for more on that).  Be sure to also read the notes and analyzes at the bottom...
If you've got an oral assignment coming up, then the sample persuasive speech on this page, which has been carefully researched and written, will provide you with the main ideas and key elements you need to incorporate into your own speech - and help you end up with a persuaded audience!
There are no sides anymore; we are all one global family. Someone on a bayou in Louisiana with a computer and web cam can chat, free of charge, to another person in the desert near Addis Ababa. There isn’t even a communication delay despite the distances between the two parties. The only problem to consider is the difference in time zones.

This globalization of our world brings speakers of varying languages into close contact. Although English has become the language of business and education, a large portion of the world’s population speaks French, Spanish and Mandarin. Requiring high school graduates to exhibit proficiency in a foreign language will create citizens capable of finding a common language with much of the rest of the world. It is arrogant of Americans to demand everyone speak English. By educating its citizenry to speak a foreign language, America presents itself as a compassionate global player. It is a show of goodwill toward the rest of the world.

Currently each state within the country has varying requirements for foreign language proficiency in secondary school graduates. Languages are not stressed at the high school level and consequently most graduates are woefully ignorant of global geography and culture. Ramping up efforts in teaching languages to a true level of proficiency would ensure a better understanding of worldwide cultural and political systems. This greater understanding of the world would also directly affect a deeper understanding of the political systems of our own country. You can not talk about profoundly different forms of government without having a basis of comparison. That basis would be our own form of government. Learning about other cultures would require students to better understand how their own country functions.

Finally, America needs globally minded students who are ready to take on the challenge of creating and growing businesses with an international emphasis. If America hopes to regain its standing as a world economic leader, we have to produce adults with the training to think on a worldwide scale. No longer can we manufacture “widgets” in American and not expect them to be in demand across the globe. If we limit our students with the notion that proficiency in a foreign language isn’t necessary for success, then we limit the future of America as a global economic leader.

In conclusion, schools in American must require high school graduates to exhibit true proficiency in a foreign language. We must train our younger population to expand their thinking from a national level to a global level. The world is shrinking. We can travel anywhere and communicate with anyone in a moment’s notice. Uprisings like the Arab Spring happened because of Facebook and Twitter. We are an instantaneous society and Americans must better understand the rest of the world if we want to understand why events unfold the way they do. If we don’t, we will be left behind in a world moving at the speed of sound.

Sample Persuasive Speech Notes

1)  The speech opens with a statement and makes it clear what it'll be arguing for.

2)  The speech gives a brief background and summary of the topic to ensure audience members are up to speed with the speaker.

3)  The speech variously employs the three elements of persuasion (logical appeals, emotional appeals, credibility appeals) in attempting to get the audience to agree.  For details on using these elements of persuasion, see the Persuasive Speech Topics section of this site.

4)  The speech sticks to its topic and carefully concludes each point of argumentation, before moving on to the next.

5)  The speech concludes well, by again restating the argument and summarizing the entire speech's contents.

I've done a more detailed and in-depth explanation of the points above at the other Sample Persuasive Speech Page, so I recommend you have a look at that for more.
Sample Persuasive Speech

It is my opinion that proficiency in a foreign language should be required for high school graduation. We live in a global world and Americans can no longer expect everyone else to conduct business or foreign policy in English. In this speech I will outline three reasons why foreign language proficiency should be mandatory.

The world is a small place these days. The advent of the Internet, satellite cellular phones and increasing speed of long-distance travel has served to shrink what once was an incomprehensibly large world. We no longer hold to the idea of “the other side of the world.”