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Sample High School Graduation Speeches

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Sample High School Graduation Speeches are good to look at when you need to write your own, and are looking for ideas and the necessary elements to include.  Read through the sample speech below and then check out the analyses and notes at the bottom where I've highlighted some key features of the speech.

Sample High School Graduation Speeches

Are we a great looking bunch of graduates or what? Just look at us in our little black gowns and funky hats – seriously, could they not come up with a better design? Why are they called mortarboards anyway? When I put my gown on yesterday for a little trial run, I thought it felt a lot like a cape. Yeah, I know, you thought so too, didn’t you? We’re all closet super heroes aren’t we? Well, today is the closest we’re going to get to the super hero outfit so make the most of it!

Today is an amazing day! We are finally done with our servitude to Cody High. We sat on the senior steps in the Commons for the last time. Remember when we were freshmen and the stairs seemed like the ultimate pinnacle of awesomeness? We all hoped and prayed we’d be as cool as those seniors. Personally, I think we’re way cooler! After all we’re the Class of 2012!

Not only did we have possession of the senior stairs we had the honored position at the front of the student body at sporting events. From the stairs we could preside over our slaves. We also secretly laid in wait for that underclassman that would innocently start down the stairs, realize where they were and end up tripping. Ah, the simple pleasures and perks of being a senior. As freshmen we were always clear at the top of the bleachers, each year making our way down to the coveted front row position exclusively for seniors. We could ignore everyone else – talk to the back! We could concentrate on the game and each other. Life is good at the top.

We’ll still be on top for awhile - at least all summer. People will be sending us cards and presents and money! Our parents are thrilled and astounded we’ve actually graduated. We should strike while the iron's hot and ask for more! Seriously, our parents are awesome people and they’ve done so much for us. They have actually lived with us without committing infanticide and that’s probably been no small feat. Make sure you look your parents in the eye today and thank them for everything, even if you’ve had a rough relationship. Whoever got you to today deserves your thanks.

I’ve known some of you since before preschool – our mothers are still best friends even if we aren’t. We’ve spent a lot of class time together, from the fun of elementary school to those horribly awkward middle school days. Thank goodness we made it to high school. High school has been a great experience. Just think about how much we’ve learned. We learned to speak a foreign language - flounderingly. We learned geometric angles and algebraic expressions and consequently some unprintable expressions. We learned to write a decent essay or possibly improve our abilities to steal one off the Internet undetected. High school has honed our abilities and talents in so many ways.

Now we’re taking what we’ve learned out into the world. We’ll also take each other because all that time together has made us who we are. It’s been a great run. We’re ready to move on, much to the amazement of our teachers and parents. As you prepare to take on the world, just remember these immortal words of Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Stand out Class of 2012 and make something of yourselves. Surprise everyone!

Sample High School Graduation Speeches

: Notes

This speech uses a lot of humor and joking, but does so appropriately.  Humor usually goes down well at informal and celebratory events like a graduation ceremony.  If you can incorporate wit, or even a relevant joke or two in your speech, you'll end up with a winning delivery.  However, keep in mind that despite the funny stuff, the speech above...

- Is still respectful.  Despite the joking, the speech giver still takes time to honor parents and teachers, which is an absolute must with these kinds of speeches.  Don't leave the stage without expressing some sense of gratitude towards your parents and teachers.

- Is not silly.  If you want to leave with a bang then please avoid slapstick or silliness.  A High School graduation speech really isn't the place for it, and after the nervous laughter it'll evoke from the audience, you'll be remembered as the class clown.  No, instead try to employ stylish humor or wit.  It conveys a sense of maturity while maintaining the attitude that you don't take yourself too seriously.

For some of the other important elements that you need to include in your speech, have a look at more sample high school graduation speeches, such as this one.
Sample High School graduation speeches will either help you by providing great ideas and interpreting them for you, or lead you astray by giving nothing more than a collection of well-organised clichés!  Well, the sample speech on this page has been researched and written to fall among the first - so I'm sure it'll help you!