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Retirement Speech Examples

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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It's never a bad idea to look for samples and idea boosters when writing a speech, and retirement speech examples are no exception.  Have a look at the sample speech below, and then read the analyses at the bottom, where I've clarified some key points about the speech...
If you've got a retirement ceremony coming up, then you're probably thinking about the speech - and this is where I can help.  Part the Retirement Speech Examples you'll find on this page, include a full-length individually researched and written sample speech, as well as some useful analyses and notes that'll help you identify that you need to include in you own speech.
Retiremens Speech Examples
And frankly, it’s time for some new blood in this place. Libraries are changing, our patrons are changing, and our world is changing. Although I like to think of myself as being highly adaptable and able to catch on to new technology and ideas quickly, I no longer have that burning desire for change. I’m ready to let life wash over me instead of trying to constantly ride the wave.

Although I’ve only been your head librarian for ten years, I like to think I’ve made a decent impression. We so happily vacated our cramped quarter’s downtown for this amazing new facility. We’ve gone mainstream by installing public computers and now we’re going digital with our new e-reader service. Those two changes alone are huge, but there have been countless others.

One thing that hasn’t changed much is you, my wonderful staff. It’s you that make this place work and you’re the reasons our patrons love us. You do everything from keeping the books in the correct shelf order so people can locate them, to keeping the computers up and running. Although we are definitely using more and more technology, without people, that wonderful technology doesn’t help anyone. Thank you for being such talented, dedicated and fun people to work with!

So today is not a day to be sad. Today is a day to welcome in a new era! I’m really excited to go on my European bicycling trip! I promise – I’ll send chocolates! I am eager to start retirement and experience personal growth in all sorts of new ways. I just hope I don’t grow too wide! You are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new librarian and the changes inherent with a new administration. But it’s not like she’s some complete stranger. You know Carol - she’s just been away for awhile and now is back to take over. She’s bringing bucket loads of new ideas too. I know she will enjoy you as much as I have. And more importantly, I know you will be the same high quality staff for her as you were for me.

Sometimes retirements are sad affaires, especially when one of the parties isn’t really ready for the change. That isn’t the case with us though. This has been a mutual decision by all involved parties. I know you’re a little sad to see me go. But you all know how much this change means to me and I’m so thankful you’re as excited about it as I am. You’re kicking me to the curb and we’re all thrilled!

Thank you again for coming! I know when there’s free food y’all never hesitate to show up! I just hope there’s enough to go around! Let’s enjoy today because we have enjoyed the past ten years. May God bless each and every one of us!

Retirement Speech Examples: Notes

(1) The Speech gives thanks - "I truly appreciate everyone coming".  Starting (and permeating) your speech with thanksgiving is no cliché.  Instead, it's necessary and when done from the heart will be appreciated by the recipient audience.  If you're retiring, giving of thanks is naturally at the order of the day and the retirement speech is the perfect place for that.

(2) The Speech reflects on the past - "We so happily vacated our cramped quarter’s downtown".  As it marks the end of an era, a retirement speech may reflect on some past highlights or key events and even allow for some nostalgia.  It's a good way to bring about closure to a final chapter.

(3) The Speech honors co-workers - "It’s you that make this place work and you’re the reasons our patrons love us".  Leave a good last impression by not focusing exclusively on you, but 'sharing the stage' and sharing your honor with your co-workers who have labored beside you.

(4) The Speech honors the successor - "But it’s not like she’s some complete stranger. You know Carol".  This is important and will surely be appreciated by whoever might be taking over from you.  Honor your successor and 'pass the baton' in front of co-workers, it's a powerful gesture.

(5) The Speech is positive about the future - "Today is a day to welcome in a new era!”  Leave the gloomy and depressing thoughts at home.  Instead be positive and uplifting in your estimation of your company's future.

(6) Like other retirement speech examples (see this page), this one uses humor wisely - "I know when there’s free food y’all never hesitate to show up!”  Humor is always appropriate, so don't be scared to include a few funny quotes or even a joke or two in your speech.
Retirement Speech Examples

It is so wonderful to see the turn out today. I truly appreciate everyone coming to my retirement party! Oh, when I just said the word “retirement” I suddenly felt so old!

Anyway, your presence means so much to me. I’ve enjoyed my work here at the library, but honestly, it’s time for me to go. I’m ready to move on to new adventures. There’s so much more I want to do! There’s a season for everything and my season at the library is over. It’s time for a brand new season.