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Religious Welcome Speeches

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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So I firstly encourage you to fill out the newcomers form that you’ll find in your bulletin:  You’ll see there are a few short questions on there:  Please answer these by ticking one or two of those boxes - it’ll really help us serve you better.

Secondly: We care about God.  We’re not just religious folks who enjoy meeting in a cross shaped building on Sundays, we come here because our hearts our passionate for our Heavenly Father, and we care deeply for His kingdom and His causes.  We believe Jesus was who He said He was, and that he deserves our worship and our very lives.

If you’re a newcomer today, you might have been a Christian for many years, or you might never have heard about Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection.  Whatever the case, we encourage you to stick around and learn more. 

Thirdly:  We’re all about connections.  After the service, feel free to come and talk to me, or any of the ushers (they’re the fancy looking people with the nice suits!) for more information.  The table in the back of the sanctuary also has lots of information and you can talk to anybody back there for help.  See it as a kind of “Information Desk”, the kind you would find at the airport, only we promise to take you to better places that the airport can!

And that’s enough about us.  We hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the service and that you truly have a meaningful Sunday with us.  Thank you again for coming!  Let's prepare our hearts for the sermon.

Religious Welcome Speeches Sample Notes

(1) The speech welcomes.  This is the most obvious, and therefore might be skimmed over.  A welcome speech of any kind needs to convey genuine, heartfelt word of welcome, with the intention of setting newcomers at ease.  The sample speech above does this well be using warm and informal language.

(2) The speech gives an overview of the church.  Newcomers need to be informed of some of the basic elements of your church, what you stand for and who you are.  But a welcome speech is not the place for explaining a 30-minute mission statement, so a brief summary will suffice.

(3) The speech provides opportunity for follow-up.  The ‘newcomers forms’ that the presenter is talking about are good ways to provide follow-up for newcomers.  Instead of just having people walk in and out of your door, why not get their names and a contact number so that you can give them a call on Monday to thank them for their attendance.  Few people will have a problem with providing this information.

(4) The speech uses humor effectively.  The speech above is quite informal and uses humor appropriately, but many kinds of church services are more formal and liturgical in which case humor should be used more carefully and thoughtfully.

(5) The speech is open and honest.  The presenter makes it clear that the church stands for certain fundamental principles and that they hope newcomers to the congregation will be integrated.  Audiences appreciate this kind of authenticity, so don’t be scared to be tactfully direct about your purposes.
Need some help with making new members of your church feel welcome?  Well not all religious welcome speeches are created equal!  So have a look at the one below for a good overview of what such a speech should look like, and what essentials elements of welcome it needs to address.
Jesus is Lord
Religious Welcomes Speeches need to fulfill certain criteria and do more than simply make people feel welcome!  That's a good start, but not the be all and and all of it!  The speech below has been drafted from experience and carefully written and analysed (see the notes below) to help you as you construct your own religious welcome speech.

Religious Welcome Speeches Sample

I want to take a minute or two to truly welcome all of our first time visitors here at Eagle’s Nest Baptist Church.  We’re a growing bunch of God-loving people, and we are always looking to welcome anyone who’s with us for the first time.

If this is you’re very first day with us then you’re either visiting family or doing business in town, or you’re on the lookout for a new church, or you’re been dragged here by your mother-in-law!  Whatever the case, we’re thankful you’ve come and even if your mom-in-law did have a part to play in your presence here today, we still believe you’ve got an appointment with God today, and that’s the ultimate reason you’re here!
So, three things about us:  Firstly, we care about people.  You'll hear many say that the larger a church, the easier it is to just sit in the pews, take the identity of a hidden number, and never actually interact with anybody. 

That might be the case, but at Eagle’s Nest you don’t have permission to just be a number!  Church is all about meeting with and getting to know and love people and God, and we provide many opportunities for newcomers to get connected in our services.