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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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- The importance of practice and rehearsal.  Probably the single most important public speaking tip you'll ever need to know.  Great speakers practice, then repeat their practice, then rehearse some more, then practice again... you get the drift, now read the details.

- Cultivating a larger-than-life stage personality.  Most new public speakers have the tendency to 'shrink' on stage by appearing safe, neutral and unobtrusive.  But the stage is the one place where shining outweighs shrinking.

- The all important ingredient of passion on stage.  Mediocre speakers talk, but great speakers present - they're not afraid to let their passion and vigour shine from the stage, and it's the primary reason that audiences love them.  Learn more about the power of passion for public speakers.

- How to start a speech effectively.  Platitudes and over-used phraseology might seem kind and good hearted, but have very little engaging affect on an audience.  Great speakers have learned the art of starting strongly.

- The ten minute rule of audience focus.  Most people in our day and age find it hard to consistently focus on one thing for longer than ten minutes.  Learn how to deal with this issue by using various public speaking activities.

- How to get better quicker.  A great, easy-to-implement tip for quickly getter better in nearly all areas of public speaking.

- The power of speech humor.  Wit and humor is almost always a good addition to any speech and most deliveries.

- How to use your time wisely.  A secret weapon on 'meekness' that might just set you apart from other speakers.

- Filler Words.  Effective tips and techniques for getting rid of those nasty 'uuum', 'aaah' and 'ya'know's that often plague our speeches.

- Audience Engagement and Density.  Why your audience's choice of seats makes a huge impact on the energy in the room, and what you can do about it.  This article explains the concept of audience density and how it affects you.

- How to captivate and keep attention.  This article explains why starting a speech strongly is one of the most effective ways of ensuring you get hold of, and maintain, your audience¬ís attention.

- Understanding your relationship to the audience.  Is it good to be scared of the audience?  Is the audience going to bite and eventually devour you?  (Especially if you make mistakes!)  Read the truth in this article.

And finally...

For a great overview of the difference between 'content' and 'delivery' in public speaking, and how to find the balance so that you deliver both great content, in and engaging and captivating style, I recommend you have a look at the principles of public speaking article. 
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Any communicator will certainly improve by diligently following the tips on this page...

That's a bold claim, you might say.  True, but if like me, you've seen too many mediocre speeches you'll share my sentiment:  Most people will (often dramatically) improve their performances behind the microphone, if they adhere to a few simple-to-follow public speaking tips and techniques.
Public Speaking Tips
Public Speaking doesn't have to be rocket science!  You don't have to be a natural born stage-lover to become good at giving speeches!  It just takes some practice and training.  The practice you'll have to do by yourself, and as for the training, I am most certainly willing to help...
But before we go any further, a quick 'take note':  The information in this section of the site will focus on delivery, and will assume that you've already got a decent speech under your arm, and some great ideas that you're just itching to communicate.

If that is not the case, and you need some help with speech writing or topic choosing, head over to the How to Write a Speech section for help with that.

Public Speaking Tips: Here's your list...

The list below outlines some of the basic public speaking tips that will help you enhance your ability as speaker and get you on the road to more a captivating and engaging style of delivery. 

This list is merely a summary, so go deeper by clicking on each of these links to access full articles on every tip: