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PowerPoint Presentation Tips


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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This list is merely a summary of these tips, I recommend you click on each of the links in these pointers (or whichever ones you need more info on) and read the full articles:

- The necessity of using simple and uncluttered slides to help communicate your message.  Most people confuse slides with documents and end up having so much information on them, that they may very well serve as message notes, or a teleprompter!  This article will teach you what the pro's know, that slides are most effective when they're simple and clutter-free.

- How to avoid death-by-PowerPoint.  Bullets kill, and that means that its almost always a good idea to NOT have heaps of them on your slides.  This goes contrary to the way most people use PowerPoint (semi-documents as per above), but is again one of the things that sets magnificent public speakers apart from the mediocre bunch.

- PowerPoint, Keynote and other presentation software are great for showcasing visuals.  But its important to use purposeful pictures that not only compliment your spoken message, but engage and captivate your audience due to its relevance and a high nice-to-look-at factor.

- Read up on some of the beneficial and helpful tools for presentations that you might find in the venue you're speaking at.  These include necessities like a presenter remote and other nice-to-have's such as a confidence monitor or a countdown timer.
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PowerPoint is like the 18-wheeler of public speaking.  When operated by a trained professional it can be a powerful vehicle that makes for smooth and stylish delivery.  But get a rookie in the driver seat and chaos will likely ensue...
PowerPoint Presentation Tips
Many presenters (not to mention audiences) have a love-hate relationship with PowerPoint precisely because it has been abused so often, by so many speakers who's never had training on using it properly.

Well, if that's you, then I congratulate you for your savvy-ness in internet navigation, because in this section of the site, we'll be expounding upon PowerPoint Presentation Tips that many people only stumble upon after they've killed their audience with death-by-cluttered-slides.

If you're looking for specific help on a different issue, either with speechwriting, or presentation delivery, click on these links for some in-depth articles on those issues.  Otherwise, read below for specific ideas regarding PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Presentation Tips: Here's Your List...

Here's a list of PowerPoint presentation tips that will help you use your slides as great accompaniments to your message, and help you create and use them as an effective communication tool that compliments your speech.