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Persuasive Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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The speech deadline is looming and you need a topic.  But oh, where to start?  If you're in the position of being able to choose your own topic, the options can seem overwhelming. 

With categories as far and wide as the sky itself, and categories within categories within sub-categories, finding the perfect speech topic can be a time consuming and exhaustive task. 

Now the good news:  I've already compiled a compact list of the 12 most-wanted categories, based on what most people on the Internet search for!

This means, that you're bound to find a category you can use below, and within that page, with its long list of persuasive speech topics, you'll likely stumble upon a topic that fits you perfectly.  Have a look and click on any of the links or pictures that interest you...
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Controversial Speech Topics
Commemorative Speech Topics
Informative Speech Topics
Funny Speech Topics
List of Speech Topics
Interesting Speech Topics
Speech Topics for Kids
Demonstration Speech Topics
Impromptu Speech Topics
School Speech Topics
Unique Speech Topics
Informative Speech Topics
A huge list of informative speech topics that'll keep your audience interested from sentence one.
Funny Speech Topics
A list of
humorous and funny speech topics to keep the crowd laughing and entertained.
General Speech Topics
A list of more generic and everyday topics that'll work for most kinds of speeches and public presentations.
Interesting Speech Topics
Looking to keep people interested?  This list of interesting speech topics will grab your audience's attention.
Controversial Topics
You can either persuade or play it safe and simply state the facts, but these controversial speech topics are likely to get reaction.
Unique Speech Topics
Looking to talk about something completely different?  Have a look at some of these unique speech topics.
School Speech Topics
A list of topics for school students - these will be ideal for public speaking at school, or class speeches of any kind.
Impromptu Speech Topics
Short for time?  Need a quick topic to keep the crowd entertained.  Have a look at some of these impromptu speech topics.
Demonstration Topics
This page contains a large list of 'how-to' topics that'll teach your audience the practicalities of whatever you're talking about.
Commemorative Topics
Commemorations can be solemn, nostalgic or inspiring.  Choose one of these commemorative speech topics to get the ball rolling.
Speech Topics for Kids
This page focuses on speech topics for younger people and is suitable for kids.
Persuasive Speech Topics
Persuasive Topics
A list of 200 persuasive speech topics that will make for great debates or argumentative essays.
Great Speeches start with great topics!  The perfect topic, that compliments your passion, knowledge and ideas, will give you a head start above the average public speaker, and set you up for success.  Choosing persuasive speech topics is thus pretty important, and on this page, I've simplified the process for you...
For specific advice on choosing topics and ensuring you end up with a topic that will 'work' with you, your ideas and knowledge, have a look at the List of Speech Topics page for some easy-to-follow criteria.
Also see the How To Write a Speech Section of this site for moving from great topic to great content.  The articles over there will teach you the basics of compiling and writing great material that will keep you audience engaged for longer.