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List of Informative Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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List of Informative Speech Topics

This list is part 4 of 4 of topics in this category, so be sure to look at parts one, two and three for more ideas!
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List of Informative Speech Topics

Information is Key

Most people buy newspapers not for the comedy strips or weather reports (those are great extra's), but for the news articles.

In the same way, an informative speech can't rely exclusively on humor and side-bar issues, but need to educate and communicate relevant ideas. 

A public speaker who does this, and makes the ride an interesting and amusing journey for the audience, is one the path to oratory success!
Below you'll find a list of informative speech topics, 50 of them to be precise.  These topics will make for great speeches that are interesting and educational or thought provoking.
Nutrition (10)
5 Best Vitamin Supplements
Infant Nutrition
Fluoride Supplements for Infants
10 Best Foods for Picky Eaters
Making Homemade Baby Food
Reducing Allergies in Children
Calorie Needs for Different Age Groups
Understanding Nutrition Labels
Benefits of Vitamin D
Skin Cancer Vs Vitamin D Deficiencies

How Made (20)
How Wool Is Made
How Fabric is Made
Making a Down Coat
How Rubber is Made
How Paper is Made
How Glass is Made
Blowing Glass
How Silk is Made
How Beer is Made
What is Oil
How Syrup is Made
How Cheese is Made
How Leather is Made
How Violins are Made
How Gunpowder is Made
How Bacon is Made
How CD’s are Made
How Sugar is Made
How Steel is Made
How Fireworks are Made

Saving Money (10)
Never Buy New – Recycle
How to Use Online Coupons
Understanding Craig’s List
Making Your Home a Vacation Rental
Modern Couponing
Understanding Refurbished Electronics
Finding Recycled Construction Materials
Recycled Wardrobes
5 Ways to Save on Dining Out
Bartering as a Way of Life

Business (10)
Understanding Micro Loans
Vocation Vacation
Teaching Customer Service
Living With a Smaller Footprint
Angel Donors
World-wide Micro Businesses
Starting a Charity
Improving the World by One Village
Understanding Fair Trade
Sweat Shop Economics