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Interesting Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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For more information on good-to-great speechwriting, and generating information and attention-grabbing content around any of these interesting speech topics, see the detailed articles at the How To Write A Speech Section of this site.

List of 100 Interesting Speech Topics

Below you'll find a list of 100 interesting speech topics.  They are widely varied in their subject nature and many of them will be irrelevant for your ocassion, or simply not appeal to you.  However, by mining this list you're bound to find something that tickles your interest.

For similar kind of topics, with a blend towards the unique, fascinating and even exotic, have a look at this list of Unique Speech Topics.

Writing on Interesting Speech Topics

Now while a great speech starts with a great topic, it certainly can't end there.  Rather, look at it this way:  A great topic provides a sturdy backbone for your speech, its still incomplete without some 'meat' around it:  Good Content.

The best public speakers aren't satisfied with choosing interesting speech topics, flinging together some questionable material, putting on a salesman smile and hoping for the best.

Writing and generating good content takes time, patience and effort, but the end-result - standing ovation and all - will be worth it.

So do your homework:  Cite interesting facts, use relevant stories, write logically, incorporate quotes and humour if possible, and ultimately ensure your content effectively communicates the main idea you want to bring about in your speech.
No one wants to listen to boring, bland and uninteresting speeches.  In fact, I've never met any audience member anywhere - in any sphere of live - who enjoys listening to public speakers with blah-blah-blah content...  And, colorless content start with colorless topics.

So avoid them like the plaque and rather venture (if the occassion will allow it) to choosing interesting speech topics that will captivate your audience from the outset.
Hoping to get your audience interested?  Fearing that no-one will pay attention once you're on stage?  Scared that your speech will drive the audience to dreamland, instead of to the edge of their seats?  Well then this list of interesting speech topics should do the trick to get people listening and help you present a talk that people will look forward to.
Interesting Speech Topics
Travel (10)
Swimming with Wildlife
Jungle Zip-lining
Fjord Hopping
One Bag Travel
10 Least Traveled Countries
Mi Casa es Su Casa Vacations
Charitable Service Vacations
Waltzing Through Airline Security
Happy Stomach Happy Travels
International Travel with Children

Environmental (12)
Rainforest Canopy Experience
Elephant Watching in Africa
Wintering Habitat for Manatees
Wolf Watching in Yellowstone
Thermopiles in Yellowstone
Urban Bats
Importance of Experiencing Nature
Invasive Species in Florida
Grizzly Bears on the Plains
Understanding Owls
Urban Nature Walks
Backyard Deadly Animals

Cultural (17)
Average Weekly Internet Usage
5 Most Visited Internet Sites
Teaching Grandma to Text
Lost Art of Writing Letters
Living Smaller, Living Better
Combating Overconsumption
Unplug – Be inaccessible
Learning to Blog
Online Scrapbooking
Lifelong Learning
Generational Language Barriers
Decreasing Computer Anxiety
Baby Boomers and Technology
Re-shaping American Dream
Re-thinking Home Ownership
Phenomenon of Pintrest
Noticing Blessings

Food/Cooking (17)
A Gluten-free Life
Cooking Like Grandma
Weekly Cooking in One Day
Cutting Sugar and Fat in Recipes
Nutritional Extras for Smoothies
Toddler Food in Ice Trays
Best Car Snacks for Toddlers
Favorite Foods from France
Uses for Agave Nectar
Understanding Types of Tea
Weekly Cooking Clubs
Monthly Meal Planning
Using New Types of Grains
Enhancing Flavor with Beer
Salad for a Week
Emergency Food Stores
Shopping Once a Month

Gardening (12)
Mosquito Repellant Plants
Deer Repellant Plants
Cutting Cost of Bedding Plants
Best Plants for Outdoor Containers
Water Garden in a Bucket
Kid Friendly Vegetable Gardens
Growing Potatoes in a Bucket
Hummingbird Friendly Plants
Drought Tolerant Bloomers
Raising Worms for Compost
Backyard Wildlife Habitats
Gardening with Natives

Home/Family (10)
Teaching Math with Cribbage
Games Around the World
Tea Time with Teens
Constructing Play Forts Inside
10 Non-electric Games to Play
Why Coloring is Important
Learning Fractions with Cooking
Compassionate Service Activities
Teaching Children to UpCycle
Emergency Preparedness

Health (20)
Importance of Vitamin D
Skin, Your Largest Organ
Psychological Benefits of Exercise
Exercise Routines for Home
Shopping the Perimeter
How to Take Vitamins
Deadly Vitamin/Prescription Mixes
Stretching for Health
Strength Exercises for Seniors
10 Most Healthy Drinks
Sun Vs Indoor Tanning
Internet Brain Games
Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk
Benefits of Taking Risks
Health Risks of Fake Nails
Creating Margins in Life
Importance of Hydration
Sharpening Driving Skills
Strengthening Your Vocabulary
Staying Out of Assisted Care