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Informative Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Informative Speech Topics
Need an idea for an upcoming speech?  Can't seem to think of a topic that'll keep you and the crowd interested?  Well then, start by choosing one of the informative speech topics on this page, and then do its name justice by providing your audience with content that informs, educates and gets them thinking.
Information is a valuable commodity, and the more informative and interesting you can be as a public speaker, the more you'll be worth to your audience.  Think about it:  The reason experts are often highly sought after as presenters and speakers, is rarely because of their shiny shoes or funny jokes, and always because they convey unique and "experience-laden" information.

Writing on Informative Speech Topics

Informative topics need informative (obviously) and thought-provoking content.  A great speech, that will keep your audience spellbound, will...

- Start with a good headline. A good headline will make or break your speech, and since it's the first part of your speech the audience will be exposed to, it needs to be captivating.

- Keep things simple.  Avoid the temptation to sound fancier than thou:  There's power in simplicity and straightforward language.
- Convey one main idea or set of ideas.  Don't jump around between ideas and topics.  Organise your speech logically so that even a child will be able to follow you.

- Emphasize benefits to the audience.  "What's in it for me?" is a question the audience is asking whether you're talking about ice cubes or astronomy.  Keep that in mind and answer that question.

All of the above pointers, and many more, are covered in detail at the How To Write A Speech section of this site.  So if you need help with writing great content head over there for a look at more easy-to-follow writing techniques.

List of 50 Informative Speech Topics

Below you'll find a list of 50 informative speech topics that cover a wide variety of subjects across a diverse spectrum.  Mine this list to find something that intrigues you or that would work for the ocassion you'll be speaking at.

Note: This list makes up part 1 of 4 in this category of topics, also see parts two, three and four for more informative speech ideas.
Gardening (12)
Best Perennials for Your Area
Xeriscape Gardens
Protecting Your Garden from Deer
Caring for Your Winter Garden
Best Vegetables for Your Area
Starting Seeds Indoors
Heirloom Vegetables
Testing your Soil before Planting
How to Plant a Tree
Planting Bare Root Shrubs
Propagation by Cuttings
Raised Bed Gardening for Windy Areas
5 Plants that Inhibit Insects
Vertical Gardening
Gardening for Winter Interest

Pets (15)
Best Dog Breeds for Families
Natural Pain Remedies for Dogs
Proper Dental Care for Dogs
Good Etiquette for Dog Parks
Why Your Cat Brings You Dead Mice
Bottle Feeding Kittens
Homemade Dog Food
Recommended Dog Vaccinations
How to Vaccinate Your Dog at Home
Reducing Fevers in Dogs
Feline AIDS
Nutritional Supplements for Dogs
Bark Control for Dogs
Basic Pet 1st Aid
Natural Tick Control

Coffee/Tea (15)
How Tea is Grown
Countries That Grow Tea
Why Different Tea Leaves Taste Different
Historical Significance of Tea
How to Store and Brew Tea
How Coffee is Grown
Countries that Grow Coffee
How to Roast Coffee
Why Different Roasts Taste Different
How to Store and Brew Coffee
Discussing Differences of Espresso Machines
Training to Become a Barista
Competitions for Baristas
What is Latte Art
5 Tips for Running a Coffee Shop

Transportation (10)
Internal Combustion Engine – Still the Same
Influx of Cars in China
Annual Debut of Millions of New Drivers
5 Most Innovative Car Safety Features
Future of Hybrid Cars
Most Efficient Mass Transportation
Mass Transportation in Rural America
Safety Concerns for Ocean Liners
Energy Efficiency of Trains
Environmental Costs of Airplanes