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Informative Speech Sample

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Homes constructed with timber framing techniques are beautiful buildings that are very energy efficient and easy on the environment. The beams are usually visible both from both the exterior and interior, creating a home with a substantial, built-to-last appearance. Timber frame homes remind most observers of a rustic log cabin but there isn’t anything rustic about them. These homes are finely designed and engineered by architects who pride themselves on continuing the tradition of fine craftsmanship inherent in a timbered home.

Timber framed homes start with larger than standard beams. These beams are either made new or recycled from dismantled buildings. Using recycled beams cuts costs and is more beneficial to the environment. New beams are constructed in factories and transported to the building site. Residual wood from this process can be provided to locals for home heating, craft or landscape projects or even used to heat the factory itself. The skeleton of a timber framed home uses less wood than traditional construction and generates less waste. This is another way timber framing is both financially and ecologically beneficial.

The walls of a timber framed home are often enclosed with a type of foam board. This greatly increases the insulation of the home and reduces energy consumption. Wall space can also be filled with straw bales or other insulating materials. Add on a solar-based heating and air conditioning system and a timber framed home can boast a very inexpensive utility bill even in the harshest climate.

Building a home using traditional construction methods can be time consuming. It can take anywhere from one to three months to get a home totally enclosed. Timber frame construction is generally much faster. Enclosure can happen in as little as one to three weeks, providing another benefit over traditional construction. Getting crews and machinery off a job site quicker saves fuel and generates fewer pollutants.

The sheer beauty of a timber framed home is one of its hallmarks. Massive beams, soaring roof-lines and expanses of wood and glass all meld into a true work of art. These homes can be very large and suitable for a corporate retreat, or small and intimate. They can be designed to nestle into a meadow of wildflowers or blend into a neighborhood of New England Colonials. Although the outside facades might differ, the skeleton of each type of home is classic timber frame and each is beautiful in its own right.

Timber framing is an excellent way to construct a home. It combines functionality and superb energy efficiency as well as esthetics. A timber framed home is one to cherish for a lifetime, and many lifetimes to come.

Informative Speech Sample Notes

The speech above include all of the elements of a good informative speech.  These include:

- A clear opening statement that states exactly what the speaker will be talking about.
- A brief and summarized history of the topic, to ensure the audience is up to speed.
- Facts, statistics and verifiable information that back up the speakers claims.
- Experience:  The speech makes it clear that the speaker has either personal experience in the topic, or has done sufficient research on it.

I've fleshed out these elements a bit more on the example of informative speech page, so I won't go into too much detail here.  I recommend you have a look at that page for a deeper look at the requirements of a good informative speech sample.
The informative speech sample on this page has been carefully researched and meticulously written to reflect all the qualities that a great informative speech should have.  So read on and be helped.
Informative Speech Sample - Wooden Houses
The full-length informative speech sample below should give you a good idea of what a great informational speech should look like.  I've included some analyzes and notes at the bottom that highlights the key elements of the speech and that should help you as you write your own...

Informative Speech Sample

Timber frame home construction is an ancient building method that has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. In this speech I’ll discuss what timber frame construction is as well as some reasons why it’s a more ecologically friendly building method than traditional construction.
Timber frame construction was the sole building method used in China and Japan until modern times. Some of these earliest timbered buildings date back to the 700’s A. D. Popular in Europe from the 1100’s through the 1300’s, timber framing was also known as half-timber construction.

Due to the inherent strength of the framework, multitudes of these half-timber buildings are still in use today throughout Europe. Timber frame construction is defined by its use of beams held together by large wooden pegs. This is similar to the mortise and tenon construction used in fine furniture today, only on a much larger scale.