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Informative Speech Ideas


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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"Information is pretty thin if not mixed with experience."  An informative speech is meant to inform!  That means you need more than a mixture of stories, anecdotes and cool quotes, but need to provide some hard-and-fast data, or facts, that'll teach your audience something new, and hopefully get them thinking.

And it all starts with a good topic.  That's why choosing a topic is SO important.  Get this wrong, and your whole speech will be doomed.  So let's look at topic choosing...

Choosing a Informative Topic (for dummies)

(1) Choose a topic that you already know a lot about.  This is the easiest and most obvious choice!  If you're going to be talking about something you naturally know a lot about, and have loads of personal experience in, this will show in your presentation and content!  It also adds the natural kind of 'voice' that only personal experience brings, and its irreplaceable.

(2) Choose a topic that you don't know a lot about, but that you're passionate about.  The next option is talking about something that you love, even though you don't know much about it.  Passion is still a powerful ally when giving speeches, and by talking about something you naturally enjoy, or feel strongly about, you'll spread the excitement to the audience.  It will also make researching the topic so much easier...

(3) Choose a topic that you're willing to research.  If options one and two above are both no-go's, then at least ensure you end up with a topic that you won't dread reading about.  If you hate math, don't choose trigonometry as a topic!  You'll have to suffer through pages of math-related information as you research your ideas!

Now, let's look at some specific speech topics...

List of 50 Informative Speech Ideas.

Below, you'll find a list of 50 informative speech ideas.  Use the criteria above to choose a topic that'll work for you, then see the How to Write a Speech section for more ideas on putting together great content.

Note:  There are three more pages with informative speech ideas!  See section one, three and four for more ideas.
Environmental Education (20)
What is Environmental Education
Bringing Environmental Education into Schools
Raising Ecology Awareness in Kids
What is an Endangered Species
Endangered Species in Your State
Uniqueness of Yellowstone National Park
Importance of National Forests
Why We Have National Grasslands
Why Nature is Important
What is a Temperate Rainforest
Variety of Desert Plants
Use of Desert Plants by Natives
Survival Adaptations of Desert Plants
Plant Adaptations for Polar Regions
All About Owls
Migrating Monarch Butterflies
Backyard Wildlife Habitats
Tiny Tenacious Hummingbirds
Alaska Vs Montana Grizzly Bears
Yellowstone Wolves

Health (10)
Hazards of Smoking for Teenagers
Hazards of Drug Abuse for Teenagers
Why Nicotine is so addictive
Financial Costs of Smoking
Why Alcohol is a Legal Drug
5 Exercise Tips for Non-Exercisers
Physical Benefits of Walking
Home Exercises for Seniors
Ways to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet
Why Artificial Sweeteners are Bad

Electronics/Energy (10)
5 Ways to Reduce Energy Use at Home
Differences Between CF and LED Bulbs
Economics of Wind Power
Alternative Home Energy Sources
Cost of Energy Consumption of Electronics
What to do if Your Electricity Goes Out
Comparing Energy Costs of Desktops Vs Tablets
Ways to Donate Your Old Electronics
Purchasing Environmentally Friendly Electronics
Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Miscellaneous (7)
Importance of Libraries
Importance of Museums
Japanese Internment Camps In America
Use of Blimps in WWII
El Nino/La Nina Weather Patterns
Rebuilding - Katrina vs. Japanese Tsunami
Costs of Switching off Nuclear Power
Need a hand with some attention-grabbing informative speech ideas?  This page contains a handy list of topics that'll get you started by either giving you something to talk about, or pointing you in the right direction as you start putting together your speech.