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Impromptu Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Two Minutes and you're up!  No time for elaborate preparations!  No walking up and down the practice room rehearsing your verbs!  With Impromptu deliveries, you need to master the art of coming up with informative and interesting content, on the spot... and the list of impromptu speech topics on this page, with help with just that.
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Impromptu Speech Topics
Many years ago, as a young and inexperienced public speaker, I won entry to the finals of a national speaking competition and had to travel to compete against the country's best.  The speakers were all obviously very good, but what put the winners apart from the rest, was their ability to deliver great impromptu speeches.

Writing on Impromptu Speech Topics

With impromptu speech giving, things usually go one of two ways:

(1) You have to come up with a speech on a topic provided for you.

(2) You choose you own topic and then proceed to give a speech on it.
Number 2 (where you choose a topic) is easier since it allows you to do more preparation.  In this case, you can choose one of these topics below and work out a pre-established speech or ideas that you memorize, and can later call upon whenever you're asked to give impromptu talks.

Have a look at the How To Write A Speech section of the site for tips and techniques on creating great content that'll work even with impromptu speech topics.

List of Impromptu Speech Topics

Here's a list of 100 Impromptu Speech Topics that should serve well to give talks about, wether off the top of your head, or with some preparation beforehand.
Number one is certainly the harder of the two, and the only way to really get better at this kind of impromptu speech writing, is to practice and rehearse by choosing some of the topics below, giving yourself a short time frame for preparation (5 minutes or less), and then proceeding with a speech... ask a friend to judge and give tips for improvement.
1. Qualities of a First-born Child
2. Qualities of a Last-born Child
3. Describe Your Home
4. How to Save Energy at Home
5. Ways to Save Money at Home
6. Favorite Family Tradition
7. Describe Your Town/State
8. 5 Tourist Activities in Your Town
9. Describe the Route You Take to Work/School
10. Advantages/Disadvantages to Large Families

11. Describe a Cow (any animal)
12. Prefer Cats or Dogs
13. Differences between an Eagle and a Hummingbird
14. Rather be Chased by a Bear or Lion
15. What is Recycling?
16. How Would You Care for a Pet
17. Describe a Circus
18. Benefits/Disadvantages of a Zoo
19. Describe a Thunder Storm
20. Prefer Mountains or the Beach
21. Prefer Summer or Winter
22. Favorite Pet
23. 5 Materials You Can Recycle
24. Should We Protect Endangered Animals
25. Should We Spend Money Searching For Aliens

26. Favorite Subject in School
27. Prefer Pens or Pencils
28. Favorite Grade in School
29. Describe Your High School
30. Should There Be Recess
31. Should We Have Athletics
32. Allow Cell Phones in Class?
33. Should We Give Computers to Students
34. 4 or 5 Day School Week
35. Should Teachers Have Tenure
36. Teach Evolution?
37. Students Allowed to Protest?
38. US Schools as Good as Asian?
39. Extend the School Day?
40. Closed/Open Campus

41. Prefer Coffee or Tea
42. Prefer Steak or Chicken
43. Favorite Drink
44. Prefer Chocolate or Vanilla
45. What Does Fast Food Mean
46. Prefer Coke or Pepsi
47. Prefer Apples or Oranges
48. Favorite Pizza
49. Favorite Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
50. Favorite Restaurant
51. 5 Tips for Healthy Eating

52. Favorite Form of Exercise
53. Describe a Tailgate Party
54. Define Term “Loyal Fan”
55. Favorite Sport
56. Pro-Athletes Play if Convicted?
57. Allow Pro-Athletes to Strike?
58. Force Children to Exercise?
60. Is America Obese?
61. Describe Benefits of Exercise
62. Are Professional Sports a Good Thing
63. 5 Things to Do to Lose Weight

64. Like Best About Christmas
65. Favorite Holiday
66. Why We Celebrate July 4th
67. Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving
68. Prefer Real/Artificial Christmas Tree
69. Should Fireworks be Banned
70. Should We Celebrate Columbus Day
71. Call Holiday Christmas or Holiday Season?
72. Should Live Trees Be Cut for Christmas

73. Favorite Time of Day
74. Night Owl or Early Bird
75. Favorite Vacation
76. Prefer Mountains or Ocean
77. Favorite Book/Movie
78. Describe Happiest Memory
79. 5 Tips for Job Interviews
80. What You Do When You’re Sick
81. What Would You Do With $10,000
82. Favorite Car
83. Which State Would You Prefer to Live In
84. Prefer to Read Book or Watch the Movie
85. Rather be a Policeman or Fireman
86. Prefer to Shop Online or at the Mall
87. Describe the Internet
88. What Does Healthy Lifestyle Mean
89. Describe a Museum You’ve Visited
90. Describe How to Make a Snowman
91. Describe a Cell Phone
92. What’s the Scariest Thing You’ve Done
93. Differences Between Air/Train Travel
94. Privacy and the Internet
95. Should Everyone Have Access to Internet

96. Who Was George Washington
97. Who Was Abe Lincoln
98. Discuss the Attack on Pearl Harbor
99. Importance of Declaration of Independence
100. 5 Changes After 9-11