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High School Graduation Speeches

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so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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We’ve shared as much together as our “real” families and we’ve actually spent more time together than with our “real” families. We experienced the trepidation and terror of our first day of high school. We sat through countless assemblies. We struggled with taking the PAWS test, over and over and over. We shared horror stories about classes and teachers and we came together in support of embattled coaches and staff. We always unite against our school rival, knowing that even if you don’t love Cody High, it’s still way better than Powell!

It’s the experiences and people that constitute a family. It’s each of us and what we’ve added to life at Cody High. We’re the smallest class this school has seen in a long time - that alone makes us family, even if it is a small one.

Now we’re down to our last few hours together. It’s hard to believe that soon it’ll be over and our family will break up. We’re all leaving this nest. Some of us will go on to college. Some of us will go into the working world. Some of us will have no idea what we’re doing. But wherever we go or whatever we do, each one of us will continue our education. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but it’s true.

You see, despite all we’ve learned we still really haven’t learned much at all. We have so much more to learn – more about life, about work, about relationships, and yes, more about family. When we leave the comfortable confines of our current lives, we’ll begin to realize how much this school family means.

This is such an exciting time. We’re all completely ready to move onward and upward, or at least out of the house! The new experiences waiting for us are unfathomable! There will be so many changes in such a short period of time it’ll make our heads spin.

But one thing will be constant - this family. So don’t forget your classmates. New friends are silver, but old friends are gold. This family will be here to support you throughout life. We’re the ones who truly know you and yet we still love you! Don’t just jettison everything from this past as you move on. Whether you want it to be or not, this is your support base. We’ll be here to ground you when you fall, we’ll shore you up when you need support, and we’ll be here to rejoice with you when you’re on top.

Remember we aren’t just the Graduating Class of 2012. We are the Graduating Family of 2012! We look to the future with excitement and enthusiasm because we know we’ll always have this place to return. We can always come home, because after all, we’re a family!

High School Graduation Speeches Example Notes

1) The speech creates some camaraderie (mutual trust and friendship) between the listeners - "some of us have been together since pre-school".  It creates a 'family' feeling that it maintains throughout the delivery.  Since you'll likely be giving this speech to people you've been with for many years, it’s only natural to share a feeling of camaraderie with the listeners, and it creates good emotions among your listeners.

2) The speech does some reminiscing about the past - "we sat through countless assemblies".  It's the end of an era, so it’s good to take some time and recall 'old stories' or shared memories between you and the listeners.  Perhaps there were certain events that happened long ago, but that'll serve as a great highlight to remind everyone off.  Use these kinds of stories generously in your speech.  People love listening to them - it's like paging through an old photo album!

3) The speech reflects on the future - "We have so much more to learn - more about life, about work".  Move from the past to the future, and keep it positive (#4 below).  Don't go into negatives about bad job situations or employment prospects.  Attitude makes all the difference with success in life (my free anecdote, which is very true!) so reflect a positive and excited attitude in your speech.

4) The speech is mostly positive - "This is such an exciting time".  You might be tempted to vent some anger over (what you consider) countless years lost in the math class, but this speech is not the place for that.  Focus on the positive things of your school years and create excitement by sharing anticipation about a prosperous future for you and your classmates.

At the end of a long 12 year stretch of education, you don't want to spend days writing High School Graduation Speeches that are time consuming and possibly gruelling!  So have a look the sample below - I'm sure it'll simplify the process for you.
High School Graduation Speeches
Everyone knows and agrees on the vital importance of leaving a legacy worth remembering. And High School Graduation Speeches are those final opportunities where elated students get their last chance for a public and reflective goodbye.  Have a look at the High School Graduation Speeches Example below and see the Notes thereafter, for ideas on compiling your own...

High School Graduation Speeches Example
Wow! We finally made it? Didn’t those first eleven years of schooling seem to just drag along without end?  But this year has gone so fast that it's been a complete blur. And now we’re done. Ready to move on. We’ve finished our initial public education. The one thing that has totally occupied our existence for much of our lives up until now, is finally over.

Some of us have been together since preschool. Some of you joined our ranks more recently. However long you’ve been a student at Cody High School, you’re family. We are definitely a family.