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Funny Wedding Speech

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Humor works well with nearly any kind of public speaking, and is especially enjoyable at a setting like a wedding reception, where people are relaxed and informal.  The sample speeches below will give you a great head start as you start gathering ideas for writing your own speech.

Not all of the speeches below are funny, though most of them contain some trace of humor.  Also, certain types of wedding speeches (such as Best man or Father of the Bride) lend themselves more naturally to humor.

Before you venture any further however, I'm assuming that you've got an upcoming wedding speech and that you're looking for tips and advice on writing speeches, or using parts of already written speeches.  If that's you then I highly recommend you sign up for my mini E-course on Funny Wedding Speeches called Getting Them Laughing.  Do that, and I'll send you a few short and insightful e-mails with tips, techniques and links to sample speeches that you can use.

Now, have a look at these topics below and choose the one that's most appropriate to the kind of speech you'll be giving, then click on the link or picture for more...
A funny wedding speech can often form one of the highlights of an already spectacular day.  So get the audience interested, captivated, and (of course) laughing by using some of these individually researched and written sample wedding speeches, as idea boosters...
50th Wedding Anniversary Speech
Best Man Speech Examples
Bride Wedding Speech
Father of the Groom Speeches
Funny Wedding Toast Speech
Groom Wedding Speech
Maid of Honor Speech Examples
Mother of the Bride
Best Man Speeches
Here are two examples: The First is a general best man speech, while the Second uses a lot of humor.
Maid of Honor Speech
The maid of honor should praise the couple and highlight the best qualities of the bride.
Bride Speech
If the bride herself gets a chance to speak, her primary responsibilities are thanking guests and helpers, and honoring parents.
Groom Speech
The besotted groom also gets opportunity to publicly praise his new wife, and thanking his parents.
Father of the Bride/ Groom Speech
This speech is the ideal opportunity for a parent to publicly bless a child and express joy over a new family member.
Mother of the Bride Speech
Similar to the Father of the Groom speech above, this one affords the mother an opportunity to express public gratitude.
Funny Wedding Toast Speech
A general wedding toast speech that uses a lot of humor.  See this one for the basic idea behind giving a funny wedding speech.
50th Wedding Anniversary Speech
On rare occasions such as these, a couple may be set up as an example for the community to follow.

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