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Funny Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Funny Speech Topics
Looking to get your audience laughing?  Had enough of serious and gloomy public speaking and speech ideas?  Then this list of humorous and funny speech topics is just what you need to select a great topic that'll not only get your audience interested, but get them cheered up.
I've mentioned in the article on Speech Humor, that being funny is almost always an acceptable (not to mention effective) way to treat an audience.  Humor not only relaxes the crowd, but it has a great effect on you, the speaker!

This means that you can never go wrong with selecting a funny speech topic (unless of course the occasion really demands something else).  Interesting and amusing topics keep audiences interested and provides a great backdrop for writing informative and funny content.

Writing on Funny Speech Topics

One thing to keep in mind though, is that unless your role will be that of a comedian, your primary role will not be to entertain, but to inform.

That means that you should ensure that your talk still has some good solid content in it and is still informative.  A funny topic, and the inherent humor it brings to your speech, will only help you get your message across so much clearer. 

That's the power of humor in public speaking!

When choosing one of the funny speech topics below, be sure to follow all the conventional wisdoms outlined in the How To Write A Speech section, for creating great content.
List of Funny Speech Topics

Here's a list of 90 Amusing and Funny Speech Topics.  Read through the list carefully since, depending on the occasion you'll be speaking at, some of them might not be relevant to you.
Funniest office pranks
Cheesiest pickup lines
Things overheard on the bus
Top late-for-school excuses
Ten worst places to fart
Five weirdest cocktails
Five wacky kitchen gadgets
Five funniest gag gifts
Five most embarrassing gifts
Best April Fool's jokes
Funniest things parents say
Funny things kids say
Amusing things kids do
Five worst birthday gifts
Worst Halloween costumes
Worst first-day-of-school outfits
Top late-for-work excuses
Worst blind dates
Funniest blind dates
Funniest prom stories
Things overheard in church
Funny acronyms
Funny injuries
Funniest dreams
Funniest coincidences
What to never say
How to cheat solitaire
Weirdest names
Funniest cartoon characters
Two truths & a lie
Creative test cheating ideas
Creative game cheating ideas
Stupidest criminals
Made-up words
Annoying roommate stories
Methods to annoy roommates
Cinderella vs. Barbie
Worst Last Names
Pinky Finger: Useless?
My favorite toe
Why I hate blue
Why I love dentists
Why I love lawyers
Cats vs. dogs
President: vote for me
50 uses for gum
Why dogs don't fart
Why girls don't fart
Five things under kilts
What's in the box
The sky isn't blue
Funny nicknames
Funny revenge stories
Extreme frugal living tips
Things to tell telemarketers
Things to tell priests
My stupidest thoughts
Death metal meditation
Celebrity baby names
Celebrity's real names
Worst Thanksgiving dinner
Best places to skinnydip
Why Snookie is smart
Funny English words
Hilarious dog tricks
Funny foreign sayings
Bad translations
Funny grammar mistakes
Words to teach foreigners
Practical jokes for dogs
Ways to catch mice
How to tell lies
Hilarious speech topics
Lies my mom told
Stupid lies I've told
Stupid things I've believed
Why I'm gullible
Funny eulogies
Dysfunctional family stories
Weird and funny phobias
Amusing party favors
Terribly bad meal ideas
Why I hate speaking
My Grammies acceptance speech
Worst school mascots
Worst state mottos
Funny business slogans
Funny ring tones
Sleepwalking stories
Funny myths