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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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As I've written on the Persuasive Topics Page, the three basic elements of persuasion or rhetoric, that you can use in your speeches, debates or essays, are logos, pathos and ethos

Each of these refers to different techniques that you can use to get people to agree with you.  On this page we'll look more closely at Logos:  Appealing to logic (click on the links above to read more on the other techniques as well).

Research has proven beyond a doubt...

Whenever a public speaker uses the line above, or something similar, he's engaging an audience with the rhetorical technique of logos - appealing to logic.

In the world of logos 1 + 1 is always 2, red is redder than blue and the earth most certainly is not flat.  Rationality is king and there's little room for speculation, feelings and hypotheses.

When appealing to logic, facts and science that is universally accepted as true, are powerful allies to use for convincing audiences of the truthfulness of your ideas and notions.  That's why speakers (like myself) love to use statistics:  No one can argue with them!  A statistic, or any sort of hard and irrefutable fact (used in context) is a powerful weapon for the speaker using logos to persuade.

For example:  Let's say you're giving a speech on why people should completely stop buying and drinking a certain brand of mineral water.  Pathos simply won't do the trick ("I really feel strongly that people should stop buying this product!").  What about Ethos ("I'm an expert, please believe me when I say you should stop drinking that water!"  Nope...

But Logos has the key:  "A recent scientific study conducted at xxx university by Dr. xxx shows that 87% of people buying this brand of mineral water suffered acute abdominal pain within 72 hours of consumption."

Now, after that marvellous implementation of logos, only an idiot would buy your hated mineral water.  A smart public speaker will thus research diligently to find facts, figures, numbers and statistics to back up his claims.  It's a sure-fire and universally acceptable way to get people to agree with you.

Now, on to some topics that should get you off to an exciting start...

List of 50 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

This list contains 50 funny persuasive speech topics, related to culture, that you can employ in debates, speeches or essays.  Remember that you can argue for or against any of these ideas below.  For more persuasive-type topics, see the articles on ethos, pathos and rhetoric.
Cultural (53)
Cancel the Olympics
Abolish Professional Sports
Abolish High School Sports
Raise Age for Facebook
Limit Salaries of ProAthletes
Benefits of Beauty Pageants
Age Limits for Beauty Pageants
Reality TV Banned
Cell Phones Banned in School
Facebook Increases School Bullying
Skateparks Increase Local Crime
Ski Areas Ban Snowboards
Concealed Weapons Discourage Crime
Ban Alcohol Advertising
Starbucks – good/bad
Limit Age to Play Sports to High School
Modern Warfare Vs Battlefield
Original Star Wars Movies Vs Newer Ones
Industrial Livestock Farming
Privacy on the Internet
Soccer Vs Football
Ford Vs Chevy
Nike Vs Adidas
Star Wars Vs Star Trek
Mountain Biking Vs BMX
Home Ownership Vs Renting
Cost Effectiveness of Warehouse Clubs
Email Vs Written Letters
Texting Leads to Degraded English Skills
Is Instant Access to People Necessary
Kindles Vs Real Books
Ban Artificial Sweeteners
Is Obesity Truly Bad?
Required Police Registration for Paparazzi
Purchasing Made In America Products
Privacy Vs Public Security Cameras
Animal Shelters Should Be Kill Facilities
Require Legalized Divorce for Non-Married Couples
Repeal Legality of Marriage
Micro-Business – Good/Bad
Are There Too Many Charities?
WWII Internment Camps Were Necessary
Close Public Libraries
Is Peace Corps Necessary Today
Prostitution Legalized
Social Security Not for Wealthy
Restrict Corporate Funding for Public Facilities
Gambling Illegal on Indian Reservations
No Tobacco/Alcohol Advertising at Sports Events
Abolish Tipping
Do Curfews Reduce Crime
West Coast Vs East Coast
Is Eating Locally Good?
Looking for some funny persuasive speech topics?  This page contains a list of speech topics that you can use in speeches, debates or essays, as you try to get the audience to see your point of view on the subject.