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Fun Persuasive Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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From the depths of my heart I believe...

Pathos refers to the rhetorical technique of appealing to people's emotions in order to get a point or idea across.  Here's an example:  Let's say you're speaking at a fundraising event, in which case you might use a sentence such as this...
Fun Persuasive Speech Ideas
This page contains a large list of fun persuasive speech topics that you can use in debates, speeches, essays, or any kind of communication where you're looking to defend (or attack) a particular point, or just persuade people to agree with you.
Education (27)
Two Track Education – University/Vocational
Abolish Standardized Tests for University
Require National Standards for Homeschools
Adopt National Year ‘Round School Year
Abolish Teacher Tenure
College Vs Work
No Vending Machines In Schools
Require Classics Reading List for Graduation
Lower Costs of College Tuition
Raise Age for Mandatory Attendance
Schools Provide After School Day Care
Require Stricter Teacher Evaluations
Abolish Recess
Mandatory Foreign Language Instruction
Abolish School Dances
Require Deportment/Etiquette Classes
Mandatory Student Drug Testing
Mandatory Teacher Drug Testing
Mandatory Closed Campus
Ban Public Displays of Affection in School
Is Standardized Testing Beneficial
Mandatory Life Skills Instruction
Discontinue Teaching Cursive Handwriting
Schools Should Provide Breakfast and Lunch
Require School Uniforms
Getting College Credit for High School Classes

Science/Technology (36)
Colonize Other Planets
Require Implanted Identification Codes in People
Mandatory Genetic Testing Before Marriage
Forced Sterilization for Certain Diseases
Low Gas MileageVehicles Illegal
Making Cell Phones Free
Regulate the Internet
Free Genetic Testing
Hydraulic Fracturing
Ban Homeowner Use of Pesticides/Herbicides
Is Electronic Waste a Problem?
Recycling Made Mandatory
Apple Vs Microsoft
Mandatory DNA testing
Global Internet Access Free
Every Village Provided Wireless Access
Provide Student Computers Worldwide
Limit Security Cameras in Public Venues
Laptop Vs Tablet
Kinect Vs Wii
Age Limits for Weight Training
Mandatory Exercise for Obese Patients
Hybrids Truly Good for Environment
Nanotechnology – good or bad
Are Clones Human
Need for Reducing Plastics Production
Cloning Be Legal?
Mass Transit Feasible for Rural Areas
Abolish All Animal Testing
Stop Funding for Space Research
Vitamin Supplements Necessary
Sports Creates Too Many Brain Injuries
Limit Use of Fossil Fuels by Emerging Economies
Highways Safer Now or 30 years Ago
Ship Products Locally Only
Do Video Games Cause Epilepsy?
On the Persuasive Topics page, where I talked about the basics of persuasion or rhetoric, I said that there are three basic ways people use to get people to agree with them:  Logos, Pathos and Ethos.  Don't worry if the names sound fancy and confusing - they refer to simple things! On this page, I'll take a closer look at using emotions to persuade, i.e. the use of Pathos.
"Every three seconds around the globe, an undernurished child dies from preventative causes."

The above might be true and factual, but you're not using it as a cold rationalistic statement.  No, it's real power lies in the emotions it naturally evokes with the audience. 

Some speakers also use pictures on their slide decks for this purpose, since visuals can often evoke emotions to an even stronger degree than words.  Now while emotional appeal can be very effective, it needs to be used wisely, or you'll end up coming across as manipulative
To be safe - and generally speaking - most kinds of academic writing or speaking should keep emotional appeals to a minimum. 

What about emotive words?  It's a good idea to also use them sparingly since they often have the effect of conveying immaturity or lack of professionalism. 

For example:  Saying that something is "horrible, wonderful, terrible, amazing", might get your message across, but you'll add more style to your speech by using slightly more 'neutral' words such as "unexceptable, beneficial, disconcerting, impressive". 

I'm sure you get the idea, use a thesaures for looking up proper synonyms where necessary. 

Now on to the topics...  Let's look at some fun persuasive speech topics that you can use in speaking.  With many of these below, you'll be able to include an element of pathos, to help you bring the audience over to your point of view.

List of 50 Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are 50 fun persuasive speech topics, but many more are to be found on the pages dealing with logos, ethos and rhetoric.  Enjoy!