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Fear Public Speaking


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Here's one sure-fire way to help you if you fear public speaking:

Image your audience naked...

Yes!  Image standing on the podium, behind the microphone, and being the only individual in the room fortunate enough to have your privacy intact, through exercise of the age old tradition of wearing clothes.  This is one fire-proofed way to overcome public speaking anxiety!

Now before you click the back button on that browser of yours, or worse still, accuse me of excessive sarcasm, take a moment to realise that this is exactly the kind of advice that people have been fed for decades (and have started believing), when it comes to public speaking anxiety.

And it's junk... it doesn't work, and if it does, it's still based on wrong principles and will, at best, provide short term relief for the kind of stress that will inevitably creep up on you when you know that that corporate talk, or that wedding speech is lurking.

Isn't there a better way?

If you fear public speaking, but your anxiety-conquering arsenal is devoid of any useful tools, part from this bizarre "tip" that many people cling to when dealing with public speaking anxiety, then the good news for you is, that there is indeed a better way.  More on that in just a minute...

But first, let's ponder and ask ourselves why anyone would want to imagine a room full of naked people?

Well, so the theory goes, if you can create a mental image in your brain that establishes you as a special, different and privileged individual (since you're wearing clothes), you might be able to trick the rest of your body into thinking that you really CAN do this, which will hopefully lead to some confidence...

And there we have it, in that ten letter word lies the true key to overcoming public speaking anxiety:  CONFIDENCE.

Confidence will always lead to better public speaking and there are ways of increasing and cultivating confidence that's on a whole different spectrum than private imaginings of large-scale public nudity.

For a full list of confidence inducing tips and techniques that public speakers can employ, see the main public speaking anxiety section of the site.

And goodbye to the mind tricks...

Just because our fears are irrational, doesnÂ’t mean we have to go about irrational ways to try and deal with them.  I personally have very little confidence in mind tricks or even psychological pump-up stuff like 'positive thinking' and 'confidence speak'.

But I do believe and have seen the effects of confidence building that comes from being over-over-prepared for a talk, or doing small things like arriving early to meet the audience and get to know the room you'll be presenting in.

Fears are funny things:  They can be good when they inspire us to perform better, but they can also paralyse us and leave us under-performing.  The latter is exactly what we're trying to avoid happening.

So exactly how many people fear public speaking?  Find the answer by reading up on some of the statistics on public speaking.