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Fear Public Speaking Statistics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Fear Public Speaking Statistics - Nearly everyone gets scared...

Let's look at these two points in more detail:

Firstly, the fear is not ridiculous and can even be beneficial.

The key is to regulate this fear.  Edward Murrow, the famous American broadcaster was quoted as saying that ... "the only difference between the pros and the novices is that the pros have trained the butterflies to fly in formation."

We regulate the fear when we allow it to lead us to greater performance.  The reason adrenaline shows up when there's a lion around the corner, is not so that we can sit and worry about the adrenaline, but so that we can run faster, jump higher, and generally do stuff we normally couldn't.

Like performers on stage, high profile athletes wish for, and pump up this kind of adrenaline (which always accompanies some sense of physical anxiety and stress) since it always leads to increased performance.

Secondly, fear public speaking statistics show that nearly everyone, no matter how seasoned in public speaking, experiences some sort of anxiety before a delivery. 

Most lists of the top ten human fears have "speaking before a group" pretty high, if not first!  Along with heights, deep water, flying and escalators, public speaking gets our blood pressure up and our internal flight mechanisms activated.

I've talked to performers with years of experience that have sang and acted in front of large audiences, and they usually confess that anxiety is a ever-present counterpart before any kind of show.  It's interesting that the anxiety is usually the strongest right before a performance, and almost always fades into oblivion once the show gets going.

This is very true of public speaking as well.  Even a speaker who has followed the anti-anxiety tips on this site and have prepared well for their talk, will still encounter anxiety (albeit smaller amounts thereof), that will intensify as time leads up to your talk, and will nearly always fade away once you're behind the microphone and get going.

It's almost as if that first word breaks the stronghold of the fear, and renders its power over you useless.  This is of course in line with the principle that fear is rarely countered by thinking about it!  But fear has little power over progressive action i.e. when you start doing something physically, which in our case translates into opening your mouth and saying the first word...

So the next time your palms get sweaty before a speech, take a breather and remember that you are not alone:  Fear Public Speaking Statistics show that most people encounter anxiety before a talk, but the pro's have learned to use it to their advantage by regulating it for increased performance.

For specific help of regulating fear, see the tips of the main public speaking anxiety section.
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Public Speaking Fear Statistics
Why is it that you're the only one shaking in your boots when you have to adress a crowd?  Why does everyone else seem to simply take it in their stride, hop confidently on stage, deliver their goods with flair and self-assurance, and do it all while barely breaking a sweat?
But there are two serious errors in that previous sentence: 

(1) The fear is not ridiculous.  It's natural, normal and, when channelled properly always leads to increased performance.

(2) Everyone experiences some sort of anxiety before a public speech.  From 3rd graders before a recital, up, through the ranks of ever increasing authority and impact, to presidents, CEO's and world leaders - most individuals, no matter how seasoned, will encounter a few lost butterflies that have somehow manage to infiltrate the tummy, before a speech...
As with most irrational fears, fear of public speaking often leaves us thinking that we're utterly alone in harbouring this ridiculous fear of getting up in front of a group of people, opening our mouths and communicating.