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Father of the Groom Speeches

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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So when Thomas asked me to say a few words I was totally flustered! Now I actually had something to do that would be recorded for posterity, on camera! Despite my original misgivings, I warmed to the idea and have this short, ten-page treatise I’d like to share with you! No, seriously, I was honored when my son asked me to say a few words. I will try my best not to embarrass him.

What does any parent say when their precious child is getting married? How do you coalesce into a few pithy sentiments what raising this child has meant? For those of you with young children, how do I make you understand the incredible speed with which the past 26 years have passed?

How do you tell your audience what a wonderful, smart, level-headed, vivacious, strong and morally sound person your child is without sounding like you’re praising them too highly or tooting your own horn? But Thomas is all that and more.
Yes, Fathers also get a chance to say something at weddings... well, not always.  But if you're one of the lucky ones then you'll probably want to have a look at a few father of the groom speeches to prepare you as you draft and write your own.  The sample speech below will help with just that.  Also, be sure to read the notes below for a summary of the speech's main elements...
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Father of the Groom Speeches
Father of the Groom Speeches: Example

First let me thank all of you for coming to this celebration today. We know you probably had other things to do, so we certainly appreciate you choosing to spend your afternoon with us. It means a lot to Mary and I, to Kate's parents and I know it certainly is important to the new couple, Thomas and Kate.

As you know, the groom’s family doesn’t have much to do at weddings. We get off easy - we’re pretty much told where to go and when to be there and it’s wonderful! There’s always the rehearsal dinner, but even that was no more involved than handing over my credit card.
Thomas is a man completely sound of heart and mind. He has a moral compass that points straight to the Creator therefore he is a man of integrity and honor. He understands work and he will work to provide for his new family. That is not a task he takes lightly. He is head over heels in love with Kate and is totally and deeply committed to her. This may sound trite, but I can assure Kate’s parents that he will never leave her. Thomas is a man who believes in marriage and in marriage until death. He is in this now for the long haul and I pray he and Kate enjoy many decades together. As someone who has been married nearly 40 years I’d like to let Thomas and Kate in on a little secret - it only gets better and better!

Kate, I know you realize you’re getting the best man out there. You’ve made an excellent choice. Thomas has also made an excellent choice and I want you to know how completely thrilled we are to welcome you into the family. You’ve really been a part of us ever since the first time Thomas brought you home. We just knew you were the one. You are beautiful in heart, mind and spirit and a perfect companion for Thomas. We know you love him whole-heartedly and that makes Mary's heart and my heart rejoice.

Today is a day of new beginnings and celebration. May your love grow in depth and strength each and every day. May the amount of overwhelming love you feel today, be the least amount of love you ever feel for each other. We pray your lives are full of love, sharing, compassion, strength and honor. This is just an awesome day and we are so happy for you, the new couple, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Kate Sinclair!

Father of the Groom Speeches:  Notes

A father of the groom/bride speech is a wonderful opportunity for a father to praise, honor and bless his son/daughter.  The fact that this is publicly done, in front of a large crowd, makes the affirmation all the more powerful. 

Occasionally, a father and mother may both be speaking at the same wedding, in which case they should certainly compare speeches before the event, to ensure that their ideas and topics do not overlap.

1)  The speech above uses humor nicely and stylishly.  Humor always works, and is especially appropriate during weddings.  Use stylish wit and good-natured humor, and completely avoid bad or dirty jokes or anything insensitive.

2) The speech praises the bride/groom.  As mentioned above, this speech is a great place for a father to publicly praise his daughter/son.

3) The speech is thoroughly positive.  The father in the speech above mentions that marriage only gets "better and better".  This kind of positive affirmation means a lot when it comes from a father, so don't be shy about using it.  Take time to speak about the best aspects of marriage, but avoid sounding to pedantic or preachy.

4) Father of the Groom Speeches are also great opportunities to welcome the son/daughter in-law into the family.  Be sure to also turn attention to the new family member and publicly welcome them into your family, and affirm their acceptance.

If you're looking for more tips and advice on writing Father of the Groom Speeches, as well as links to more speech samples, then I highly recommend you sign up for my Getting Them Laughing mini E-course.  It'll allow me to send you short and informative e-mails to help you as you prepare for your speech.