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Demonstration Speech Topics


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Need some help with choosing a topic for a upcoming speech?  Haven't stumbled upon any mind-boggling ideas yet?  Well, talking in front of a crowd becomes easier when you simply start sharing knowledge about something you already know how to do, and this is exactly what the demonstration speech topics on this page will help you with...
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Demonstration Speech Topics

Writing on Demonstration Speech Topics

The word 'Demonstration' means showing...  So with a demonstration speech, you can either physically show your audience how to do whatever you're talking about (using props and the like), or you can simply 'show' them with your words - by giving instructions and leaving them to visual it themselves.

Whatever you end up doing, the key word for these demonstration speech topics is 'instructions'.  Your talk will likely take shape by using points of instruction.  You can divide it into numbers (Step 1, Step 2 etc.) and if you'll be using slides, your pictures can compliment every point of these steps...  (See the Powerpoint Tips section for ideas).
If you need more help with everything related to speechwriting, head on over to the How To Write A Speech section of this site for a look at that.

List of Demonstration Speech Topics

Demonstration Speech Topics have one primary criterion:  They need to show the audience how to do something, and if you can manage to show them something they DON'T know how to do yet, all the better!

Below you'll find a list of 100 speech topics that fit the bill.  Choose one that you like and good luck!
Demonstration Speeches, are 'how-to' talks.  Everything from 'how to wash your dog' to 'how to fillet a fish' will do the trick when you're dealing with demonstration speeches.  They're great for most kind of speakers, from beginners through to more seasoned ones, since they make for easy speech writing material.  Just share what you know how to do!
1. How to Make Lattes
2. How to Pull an Espresso Shot
3. How to Clean Espresso Machines
4. How to Tie a Shoe
5. How to Make Homemade Valentines
6. How to Cut Paper Snowflakes
7. How to Set the Table
8. How to Wrap Gifts
9. How to Iron Shirts
10. How to Make Tea
11. How to Make Root Beer Floats
12. How to Write Senators
13. How to Give Speeches
14. How to Use Mousetraps

15. How to Tune Guitars
16. How to Knit
17. Hot to Crochet
18. How to Write Calligraphy
19. How to Scrapbook
20. How to Make Quilts
21. How to Sew Buttons
22. How to Arrange Flowers
23. How to Make Collages
24. How to Smoke Cigars
25. How to Make Hand Shadow Puppets
26. How to Draw Cartoons
27. How to Digitally Crop Photos
28. How to Carve Soap Figures
29. How to Make Soap
30. How to Make Homemade Lotion

31. How to Juggle a Soccer Ball
32. Self Defence
33. How to Lift Weights
34. How to Do Push Ups
35. How to Ride a Skateboard
36. How to Carve While Snowboarding
37. How to Make Skiing Parallel Turns
38. How to Make Telemark Turns
39. How to Wax a Snowboard
40. How to Care for Ice Skates
41. How to Bait a Fishing Hook
42. How to Fly Fish
43. How to Use Exercise Balls
44. How to Play Hackey Sack
45. How to Break a Stack of Bricks
46. How to Buckle a Snowboard Binding

47. How to Groom Long-haired Dogs
48. How to Groom Long-haired Cats
49. Dog Training
50. How to Feed a Snake
51. How to Groom Horses
52. How to Saddle a Horse
53. How to Give a Dog a Pill
54. Steer Roping

55. How to Bake Cookies
56. How to Crack Eggs
57. How to Make Tortillas
58. How to Bake Bread
59. How to Make Taffy
60. How to Make Smoothies
61. How to Make Peanut Butter
62. How to Make Butter
63. How to Scramble an Egg
64. How to Make Peanut Butter Sandwiches
65. How to Eat a Pomegranate
66. How to Cut a Pineapple

Fashion and Beauty
67. How to Apply Eye Makeup
68. How to Cut Bangs
69. How to Apply Nail Polish
70. How to File Nails
71. How to Wear the Skinny Jean/Boot Look
72. How to Polish Boots
73. How to Tie Scarves
74. How to Use a Curling Iron
75. How to Shave your Face
76. How to Curl your Eyelashes
77. How to Give Pedicures
78. How to Floss Teeth

79. How to Sharpen Knives
80. How to Start Campfires
81. Hot to Make S’mores
82. How to Build a Catapult
83. How to Build Rockets
84. How to Tie Knots
85. How to Carry a Person to Safety
86. How to Wrap a Sprained Ankle
87. Hot to Identify Birds
88. How to Set up Tents
89. How to Plant Bulbs
90. How to Prune Bushes
91. How to Light a Firecracker
92. How to Plant a Cactus
93. How to Load a Gun
94. How to Extract a Tick
95. How to Plant Seeds
96. How to Gauge Wind Speeds
97. How to Handle Snakes
98. How to Signal Rescuers
99. How to Throw a Frisbee
100. How to Stay Warm While Snowboarding