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Commemorative Speech Topic


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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Commemorative Speech Topics
Finally, commemorative Speeches are no different than other deliveries in the sense that the same things that make for good content and engaging material in the latter do so in the first as well.  So for techniques on writing a great commemorative speech I recommend you check out the How To Write A Speech Section of this site.

List for Commemorative Speech Topic

Remember that with commemorative speeches, the occasion and audience determines your topic!  Imagine how ridiculous it would be if someone showed up at a wedding and gave an Independence Day speech...  So you need to have a crystal clear picture of what will be required of you at the specific occasion where you'll be speaking, and what the audience will be expecting.

Here's a list of 50 commemorative speech topics that should help get you going.  You can either see if one of these fit your occasion well enough and then use it just the way it is, or otherwise let it help you thinking on ideas for your specific occasion...

Writing on a Commemorative Speech Topic

Commemorative speeches need to be...

Dignified - In line with occasion, commemorative speeches are usually dignified using formal language and avoiding silliness and jesting.  That doesn't mean you have to be stiff and aloof, and that humor is entirely inappropriate, but just that your general demeanor with these kinds of speeches need to be more sensitive.

Positive - A Commemorative speech will focus on the positives of the person, place or institution you're talking about.  Avoid negative and depressing themes entirely.

Honoring - Since you're speech is a tribute or an event of honor to the subject, its acceptable to celebrate their distinguished and uplifting characteristics in your speech.

Virtuous - Focus on the positive and virtuous themes of your subject such as their bravery, loyalty, kindness, modesty, respectfulness etc.

Sincere - Lastly, don't fake it!  Most audiences can spot a hypocrite miles away, so don't pretend you love something or somebody when you don't!  See the article on keeping it real for more info on authenticity in public speaking.
But there are hundreds of different kinds of commemorations, from special events (opening of a museum), to special days (Independance Day, anniversary day), to special people (Saint Patrick's Day, Veteran's Day).

And occasionally people might be called upon to give commemorative speeches on anything they feel like honoring.  That's why, below, I've compiled a list of good commemorative speech topics that should serve this purpose well.
In its simplest definition a commemoration is simple a ceremony or service that's held in memory of a person or event.  A commemorative speech topic would therefore revolve around honoring the memory of someone or something.  The easiest example is a eulogy, given at a funeral of someone who recently passed away.
50 Commemorative Speech Topics

Remembering My Husband’s Death
Commemorating the WWII Flights Over the “Hump”
President Obama’s Election
Anniversary of Lewis & Clark Expedition
Discovery of the Columbia River
Marco Polo’s Return Home
Remembering My First Dog
Celebrating the Winter Solstice
The First Iditarod Race
My First Professional Job
Day I Graduated High School
Civil War's First Shot
Birth of My First Child
First Drive with My New License
Day I Was Rescued from the Wilderness
My First Day of College
Death of My First Pet
Day I Received College Acceptance Letter
My First Cell Phone
Day My Best Friend Died
Remembering My Grandmother
Remembering My Bachelor Party
My Last Day of Work after 30 Years
Celebrating the Return of the Bluebirds
The Beginnings of Yosemite National Park
The Building of Hoover Dam
Day the Mississippi Flowed North
A Year After the Japanese Tsunami
My Rescue from the Haiti Earthquake
The Day I Immigrated from . . . .
My First Trip Abroad
My First Taste of Meth
My First Cigarette
Child's Kindergarten Graduation
My First Ironman Race
My Cancer Diagnosis
Buying MY First Home
Buying My First Car
Publishing My First Book
First Time I Saw Snow
Day I Declared Bankruptcy
Day My Nest Was Finally Empty
My Uncle’s Life
My First Airplane Trip
Returning Home From War
My First Day of Basic Training
Commemorating Work of Roy Rodgers
Remembering Hiroshima/Nagasaki
Looking at Benjamin Franklin’s Postal Service
Commemorating My Parent’s Anniversary