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Best Man Speech Examples

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Thomas, Jared and I were like the Three Musketeers. We did everything together. Thomas was always the “brains” of our operation, planning our escapades. Not all of them were pranks – some were done in the name of science.

We knew he’d plan to the last detail so nothing would go wrong. Except for the whipped cream incident. Now before your minds wander too far, this was for a middle school science fair experiment.
Best Man Speech Examples are great idea boosters and can help you with drafting your own speech.  That of course, is it's purpose - it's an example!  I usually don't recommend that anybody take any of these sample speeches and use them 'as it', instead let them lead and help you as you write your own unique speech.
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Best Man Speech Examples
Read through the speech below, and then have a look at the notes afterword, for a quick summary of the main points in the talk.

Best Speech Man Speech Examples

Thomas and I have been friends since Kindergarten. Even before we knew what weddings were really all about I told him not to ask me to be the best man. I didn’t want to have to give this speech! Then after Stacy and Thomas got engaged I told him three times I wouldn’t do it. Well he was obviously paying attention... and here I am today!
Suffice it to say that we put twenty cans of real whipped cream in the trunk of Mrs. Wood’s car so she could take them to school that afternoon. But Thomas forgot to tell his mother what we had done. It was a hot day - pushing 90 degrees in the shade. The car was outside. For hours. Until the trunk basically exploded, sending curdled whipped cream everywhere. I think that year we forfeited our science fair entry.

Thomas and I have been though a lot together and I’ve seen women come and go in his life. Not that there’s been a ton, but there’s definitely been a few, with some more serious than others. He was too planning, too methodical, too staid to get truly serious about any girl. So I never had to worry that our little cadre would break up. But when Thomas came to me and said he’d met a girl and that he thought she was “The One,” I was definitely worried. That is until I met Stacy.

Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, Stacy is definitely “The One” for Thomas. She makes him a better man. She challenges his thinking and his plans. She’s caused him to look at himself and realize he has more potential, more intelligence, more worth than he (or Jared or I) thought possible. She’s given him motivation in all areas of his life, and if you know Thomas, you know he definitely needed motivation! Thomas is a great guy, but with Stacy, Thomas is who he’s intended to be.

Stacy, as I’ve gotten to know you my worries about you have disappeared. You and Thomas are the perfect couple. Not only have you changed Thomas, he’s changed you. I’ve talked with your bridesmaids about what they think of Thomas. It means a lot to me to know that your best friends feel so positively about my best friend. Your bridesmaids told me you’re more thoughtful, more confident, less shy and definitely more fun since you met Thomas. Thomas has grounded you and given you support and encouragement to spread your wings and think big. Your love for Thomas has made you the woman you're intended to be.

So Stacey and Thomas, I wish you blessings in abundance. I wish you joy and smiles all the years of your lives. May you persevere through the hard times and may your love for each other grow in strength and commitment daily. In fifty years I hope you’re celebrating again and thinking what a great ride it’s been. You two are a perfect match. And all of us here today, celebrate you, your love and this start of your new lives together!

Best Speech Man Speech Examples: Notes

1) The speech establishes the best man's relationship to the groom.  Many people at the wedding might not know you (the best man) and have no idea who you are and why you know the groom.  Take a minute or two to establish your relationship with the groom.  This can best be done by recounting stories in which you and the groom both appear.

2)  The speech pokes fun at the groom.  Mild and good-natured fun is appropriate for best man speeches.  If you want to recount a story where the groom did something silly, this can be used. But...

3) Don't make him look stupid.  Many a best man often oversteps the boundary between good-natures humor and making the groom look stupid.  Remember that this is him big day and you don't want to place him in a bad light.  Be sensitive and smart.

4) The speech praises the bride.  While you're allowed to poke fun at the groom, the bride is off-limits.  Completely!  It's not gallant to portray her in a bad light, so praise her and emphasize her good qualities.

5) Most Best Man Speech Examples ends by honors the couple.  It's standard to finish a best man speech by praises and honoring the couple

If you're looking for more tips and advice on writing Wedding Speeches, as well as links to more best man speech examples, then I highly recommend you sign up for my Getting Them Laughing mini E-course.  It'll allow me to send you short and informative e-mails to help you as you prepare for your speech.