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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Sample Speeches

A large selection of quality, individually researched and written sample speeches for half a dozen different occasions. If you've got a speech coming up, you'd be smart not be miss these...

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Examples of Oration

Examples of Oration have a proper and dignified tone to it and is usually high-sounding, stately and contains elements of rhetoric relative to oratory speech.

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Easter Speech

If Easter is coming up and you find yourself in a position of possibly having to give an Easter speech, then it's my duty, through the examples and tips on this page, to help you make your preparation and delivery and smooth as possible.

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How To Write A Speech

Learning how to write a speech that'll get more than light sympathetic applause has all the potential of turning you into a captivating and in-demand public speaker.

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Writing Farewell Speeches

In writing farewell speeches, it's important to understand that the speech should be more than ceremonial. Changes in life can be difficult, particularly those that involve endings. Gatherings that formally acknowledge a goodbye serve as transitions into a new life.

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Writing A Retirement Speech

Writing a retirement speech may seem like a daunting task. Where do you start when covering an entire career? Luckily, there are certain components such speeches should contain. All farewell speeches should give thanks, show appreciation for the time spent at the company and then wish others a bright future.

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Graduation Speech Writing

Graduation speech writing should seek to emphasize the importance of the commencement exercise as a door the graduate is walking through on the way to a new life.

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Funny Wedding Speech

A funny wedding speech can often form one of the highlights of an already spectacular day. So get the audience interested, captivated, and (of course) laughing by using some of these individually researched and written sample wedding speeches, as idea boosters...

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Best Man Speech Examples

Best Man Speech Examples are great idea boosters and can help you with drafting your own speech. That of course, is it's purpose - it's an example! I usually don't recommend that anybody take any of these sample speeches and use them 'as it', instead let them lead and help you as you write your own unique speech.

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Free Best Man Speeches

Not all free best man speeches are created equal! It's one thing to grab any speech of the internet, change the names and minor details, and use it as a template. It's another thing to have a sample speech inspire you to draft your own, which is what I'm hoping you'll end up doing - only because it'll sound so much better!

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