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Experts and statistics agree that most people are held back in their professional careers (i.e. never advance past the monotony of cubicle clubbing) due to...

Can you guess?

Two words:
  Communication Skills...

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Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. - Collosians 4:6

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Public Speaking Tips
Any communicator will certainly improve their performances by diligently following some of the easy-to-implement public speaking tips on this page. Read, and learn how to become a great and effective public speaker.
Public Speaking Anxiety And How To Overcome It
A list of proven and effective ways for minimizing public speaking anxiety that'll help any speaker deliver great performancesand keep audiences engaged and attentive.
How To Write A Speech
Learning how to write a speech that'll get more than light sympathetic applause has all the potential of turning you into a captivating and in-demand public speaker.
Funny Wedding Speech
A funny wedding speech can often form one of the highlights of an already spectacular day. So get the audience interested, captivated, and (of course) laughing by using some of these individually researched and written sample wedding speeches, as idea boosters...
Persuasive Speech Topics
Great Speeches start with great topics! The perfect topic, that compliments your passion, knowledge and ideas, will give you a head start above the average public speaker, and set you up for success. Choosing persuasive speech topics is thus pretty important, and on this page, I've simplified the process for you...
Powerpoint Presentation Tips
This page contains a list of PowerPoint presentation tips that will show you hot to use your slides as great accompaniments to your message, and help you create and use them as an effective communication tool.
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Sample Speeches
A large selection of quality, individually researched and written sample speeches for half a dozen different occasions. If you've got a speech coming up, you'd be smart not be miss these...
Contribute to Effective Public Speaking
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Completely overcome your fear of speaking in front of friends, family and strangers alike
Captivate your audience from sentence one
Maintain their focus and energy throughout your talk
Write and use your own speeches around persuasive and captivating topics
Build a reputation as an informative and entertaining public speaker
Start being called upon to regularly share your expertise in front of audiences
Your name has been called, your number's up and now all expectant eyes in the room are on you, waiting to be entertained, captivated and informatively taught. 

Sounds daunting?

Well, imagine taking that situation, and being able to...
Here's a breakdown of the topics covered in Effective-Public-Speaking-Tips.com
Public Speaking Anxiety
How To Write a Speech
Public Speaking Tips
PowerPoint Presentation Tips
That says a lot.  Add to this the fact that most successful, wealthy and high-profile people attribute their success to EQ (emotional intelligence) instead of IQ (the size of your brain), and you'll start to realize that effective public speaking is the one factor on the scale of success which, once mastered, will give you an edge above the rest.

And the good news is that effective public speaking has less to do with your amazing inherent charisma, or the color of your tie, and more with practice and training.  I'm talking skills here - skills that can be learned and mastered and that'll transform you, in the eyes of your audience at least, from zero to hero in no time...

Yes, I am convinced that most people can improve their speaking ability by 50% by taking note of a few simple public speaking tips - dozens of which you'll find on this site. 

This site is written in simple, down to earth language that you'll find easy to understand and largely free of unnecessary technical jargon. 

And yet, you'll find enough substance and solid, practical information here to satisfy more seasoned speakers, who are looking to tweak their game and improve their public performances by fine tuning their skills.

Few things will catapult your professional career, energise your personal and social life, and open up new oppourtunities and goals for you, than Effective Public Speaking.  So delve into this site and leave no stone unturned!
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